Finding the right bra can sometimes be difficult. It is particularly important in Plus sizes to combine
function with comfort in order to ensure that you feel and look good.

A bra offering the optimum support can help to take the strain off shoulders and back without cutting into
the skin and thus ensuring an upright and more confident posture.

With our seasonal Collections, we would like to
offer you not only functionality but also tempt you with
beautiful styles to shape a silhouette that will turn

Feeling good about yourself always has a positive effect on others. A beautiful bra with the optimum fit makes the most of our feminine curves and helps us to look and feel more confident.

Are you wearing your bra correctly?

The middle piece should lie flat between the cups on the breastbone and should not stand out.

If the cups are too small, then the middle piece will not sit flat on the breastbone. In this case a larger cup size should be selected.

A correctly fitting cup should enclose the breast and allow the underwire to close around the bust.

Should the breast curve out of the cup or be cut into by the cup, then a larger cup size is necessary. If the cup stands out or falls into folds, then a smaller cup is recommended.

The under bust band offers the most important support for the bust. 80% of the weight is carried by this band. For this reason, the band should lie in a horizontal line without cutting into the skin and without slipping upwards at the back.

If the back of the bra pulls upwards, then choose a smaller size otherwise the weight will be taken by the straps. This could cause back problems.

The straps of the bra should capture only 20% fo the weight which can not be supported by the under bust band. These should be adjusted so that they neither slip from the shoulder nor cut into the shoulder.

All breasts are formed differently and are mostly not equal in size. For this reason, both straps should be adjusted separately so that for example the smaller breast may need to be pulled tighter than the larger.

Measure correctly

Bust measurement. Wear a non-padded bra and use a tape measure.
Measure the fullest part of your bust. Ensure that the tape measure
is at the same level all around and take the measurement.
Underbust measurement. Take a measurement horizontally
under the bust.


Using the Bra Sizing chart, round up or down the
measurements you have taken and then you
can easily establish your Bra size

Check your measurements regularly, as the bust size changes with age - and with it your bra size.

Wearing Tips

When wearing a new bra choose the first
hooks in order to be able to adjust a little
tighter later.
Place the bust in the cups so that they sit
Adjust the straps upwards until they
sit comfortably.

Shapewear Tips

Pull on your body forming camisole or body from bottom to top in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Wear body forming articles without built-in cups with a bra in order to form the optimum cleavage.


BH richtig pflegen

  • Always check the label for tips on how to take care of your garment
  • Generally, it is recommended to hand wash seamless and underwired
    bras using liquid detergent.
    Other bras can be washed in the machine as follows:
  • Select a setting (delicates) with a low spin and use a detergent suitable for
    a gentle wash. Maximum temperature 30°C
  • Use a finely woven wash bag
  • Close the bra during the wash cycle in order to avoid possible damage.
  • Never dry your Bra in the dryer or lay it over the heating. Hang up to dry.
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