The Art of Garment Care
We want you to enjoy your Ulla fashions for a long, long time! Our aim is to bring you items that are “the better choice” in style and quality. Many Ulla garments are embellished with unique, delicate details, such as beading and sequin accents, and many are made using enhanced printing techniques. We recommend the easy-to-use techniques below to keep Ulla garments looking their best longer. Generally, “less care”, and just a little more attention, is better for your Ulla fashions. For best results,always follow the attached care label.  Here are some “insider” care suggestions from our quality control specialists:
Always wash dark colors with like colors or separately to prevent running.  Washing dark items before wearing is good common sense to prevent color transfer to undergarments. 
Washing small loads on the gentle cycle is better for clothing; wash items inside out, low spin.
Use as little detergent as possible.  Pretreat stains with small amount of detergent or stain remover.
Remove clothes from washer immediately when washer finishes.  Wet clothes allowed to sit may transfer color.
Dryer friendly 100% cotton has been tested for an acceptable shrinkage rate of 4-5% when put in dryer on low heat. We make most 100% cotton dryer friendly garments a little longer to allow for shrinkage.  Even pre-shrunk items may shrink a little.
To avoid any shrinkage or fading, the optimum choice is to wash in cold water and hang to dry or flat dry. 
Drying and Ironing:
We don’t use a lot of extra chemical finishes on our clothing to prevent wrinkles, so many garments may need some ironing or steaming.
When tumble drying: smaller loads equal less wrinkles.  Cooler temperature equals less shrinkage. Remove immediately when dryer finishes and hang or fold garments.
Flat dry means lay flat while drying so garment does not stretch.  Line dry means garment can be hung on a hanger to dry.
Some fabrics, like viscose spandex or sweaters, need a little stretching/blocking to retain shape while drying. 
Air dry sweaters and other knits until almost dry, and then tumble dry on low five minutes with dryer sheet to soften and remove lint and wrinkles. 
Woven gauze and rayon crepes will often shrink when washed and line dried; ironing brings back most of the size.  Iron inside out as far as possible to prevent shiny marks or iron marks.  Follow the iron temperature recommended on the care label.
If a garment has embroidery or sequins iron lightly inside out or use a pressing cloth.
A garment steamer works great on most Ulla fashions.  It is faster than ironing and easier on the fabrics and details!  Steam garments from the inside on velvets or other pile fabrics.
Pilling can occur through washing or wearing.   Reducing agitation when washing will help reduce pilling.  Line/flat drying is recommended.  Some fabrics can be de-pilled with an anti-pilling comb or an anti-pilling device. 
Dry cleaning is usually an option.  Talk to your dry cleaner if an item has beads or sequins.
Although “less care” can mean a bit more work for you, it will help the Ulla clothes you love to look their best and last longer.
Please note, despite the care used in the manufacturing of Ulla garments, that in the course of regular wear, a bead, sequin or button may come off.  For your convenience, we enclose a repair kit with spares for every item that has these details. We can usually provide extras in the event more are needed. Our Customer Service department will be happy to assist you. Click on Customer Service at the bottom of our website’s homepage for details.
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