Theklas favorit outfit


This really suits me

Here Thekla looks taller

At 5'6" Thekla is slightly above average height. Using selective styling we can make the figure  look  slender and taller. To create this look it is helpful when a long  cardigan is worn open.  This dark colored cardigan makes her appear even more slender.  A light colored tunic under the cardigan draws attention to the middle of the figure which looks particularly slenderizing  in this outfit.  Decorative stitching on the jeans add a trendy touch to this fashion forward look. A classy combination which is just perfect for the casual office or some weekend fun.

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Theklas outfit Tunic Jeans Cardigan

Thekla is now well equipped for the cold months in this marine coat in a wool  look. The fold-over stand-up collar is particularly attractive when the hair is worn up.

Items: Tunic in viscoseChiffon edged Cardigan |  Jeans with decorative stitching | Coat in a Wool Look

Theklas favorit Outfit in plus sizes


The layered look with different lengths skims over the center of the figure

Thekla loves jeans. Not only does she like to opt for jeans bottoms but also a denim Jacket is a must in her wardrobe. In order to conceal the tummy area, Thekla has chosen a cute dot blouse to wear under the short Jacket. Layering tops in a variety of lengths provides a slimmer silhouette and shape. Matching perfectly:  figure-hugging twill pants with stretch in fashion forward wine red.

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Die kürzere Jeansjacke in Kombination mit einer längeren Bluse umspielt die Bauchpartie
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