Plus Size Accessories for Women

Accessories are all that lies between an average outfit and a spectacular one, so our designs are built to impress. A well-chosen scarf or checkered poncho can add a pop of color or carry a work outfit into the evening. More importantly, your accessories define your personal style, so don’t be afraid to show your unique taste. All the trendiest ladies know the importance of the perfect hat or hijab. They’re the finishing touch that can inject fresh energy into an old outfit.

Accessories have a special role in the plus size wardrobe. They can conceal those problem areas, lengthen the physique, or draw attention to your best features. That’s why at Ulla Popken, we offer a range of accessories designed specifically for the gorgeously curvaceous. Our collar dickeys and shirt tail extensions have a lengthening effect, giving you attractive layering potential. Remember: layers are your secret weapon. They allow you to achieve a sleek silhouette or carry off slim fit clothing.

How to use plus size accessories to revolutionize your outfit

You can create the illusion of height using the following methods:

  • Wearing longer layers;
  • Adding slim, vertical lines;
  • Use special plus size shirt extensions to lengthen your physique without adding bulk;
  • Use a simple dickey collar to achieve that layered look without adding sleeves on sweltering days.

Heeled boots or long scarfs can give you the extra height you need to pull off a sleek outfit. If you’re a plus size woman, think of your accessories as the magic tricks you need to level out your physique and enhance your curves.

We adore scarves and hats for their pizazz. They’re an easy way to add color and detail, so you can safely build your entire wardrobe on matching neutrals without enduring a dull palette. This will require you to work with a range of different hues, so remember the color wheel: colors that lie next to or are opposite one another on the color wheel look fantastic. Match pastels with pastels and neon with neon, but some hues go with everything. A black or white accessory is a great wardrobe multitasker you can wear with anything.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size accessories for Women

How do I wear my plus size scarf accessories for women?

Our scarves come in a variety of widths and lengths. Long delicates can be knotted at the neck or wrapped gently around the shoulder. The former will add formality and a tiny hint of color, while the latter will add slimming vertical lines. Use an extra long scarf to lengthen your abdomen or draw attention away from the stomach area. Nervous with knots? Then try an infinity scarf. This design adds gorgeous ruffles that last all day. Be careful with your details, though. The smaller the print, the easier it is to match. Delicate patterns are also more slimming than larger graphics.

How should I care for delicate chiffon and silk plus size accessories?

If your accessory is made of polyester satin or chiffon, it’s easier to care for than you might think. Place it inside a laundry bag or pillowcase to protect it from destructive zippers and buttons. Poly blends can be washed in hot water, but save your whites for a cold water wash. These delicates are a lot more sensitive to direct heat, so it’s best to cover them with a thick cotton cloth before ironing them. You can even spray your plus size accessories with a little cold water for a cooler, more effortless ironing experience.

Alternatively, use a steamer — a safe addition to any accessories wardrobe. Organic fabrics like silk need extra care. Silk should be gently soaked in a detergent specially formulated for wool. Now rinse and pat it dry with a towel before hanging it to dry. Handwashing is preferable if your washing machine lacks a delicate wash cycle.

What can extenders add to my plus size accessories wardrobe?

Bra, pants, and shirt extenders can keep you comfy and add width to your garments. Pants extenders can extend your waistband by widening the zipper. Bra extenders work the same. Shirt extenders have a different role by adding length to your outfit without bulking up your arms and abdomen. Wear them when you want to achieve a layered look but don’t want to overheat or add bulk. Delicate fabrics look their best against a slick surface. Shirt extenders allow you to achieve just that.

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