Gloves & Hats for Women

Put the finishing touch on any outfit with our selection of plus size accessories. Gloves and hats can add a pop of color and show off your personality. Among the Ulla Popken range of great plus size accessories, you'll find:

  • Baseball caps and visors
  • Beanie hats and bobble hats
  • Headbands
  • Winter gloves

Gloves and hats to stay cozy in winter

On a cold day, plus size accessories can help you stay both warm and stylish! When the weather's really chilly, nothing beats a beanie hat. What sort of look do you want? A beanie in a muted color is great for a classy and sophisticated style, while a brightly colored hat with an oversized bobble will ensure you stand out in a crowd! Don't forget your hands, either. Black gloves are timeless and elegant, and they pair well with coats in any color.

When there's just a hint of a chill in the air, try a cute knit headband for a delightfully different fashion statement. A snug headband will help keep your ears cozy while also holding your hair in place. That makes it an ideal choice for windy days! Choose one with a fun cable design or a glittery applique to add a funky touch to your favorite fall outfit.

Stay cool in summer with the hottest hats

Our plus size accessories aren't just for winter. Sunhats are as cute as they are functional, making them a summer essential. For a casual look, it's hard to compete with a classic baseball cap. Worried about getting that dreaded hat hair look? Keep your hair fresh and bouncy with a stylish sun visor. These are great for the casual look when worn with a cute sundress or a tee and shorts.

Don't be afraid to make a statement with your summer hat. Bold styles like sailor caps are fashionable and chic, and they can help you create your own signature look. Choose a hat with dramatic color, and you'll be able to instantly brighten up any outfit. Play around with your favorite plus size accessories, mixing and matching until you find a look that's totally you!

Frequently asked questions about our gloves & hats for women

Can I wear gloves and use my smartphone?

There's nothing worse than having to whip your gloves off to send a message on a cold day! If not being able to use your phone is a dealbreaker, look for special touchscreen gloves. These feature a special conductive material in some or all of the fingertips, so you can keep on texting in the middle of winter.

What are the best hats for staying warm in winter?

If you live in an area where sub-zero temperatures are common, be sure to bundle up! Make sure your beanie hat has a lining, ideally made from fleece or another cozy, warm fabric. A knitted hat without a lining can let in the cold, especially if it gets windy. Try a slightly oversized hat, so you can pull it down and completely cover your ears when you're out and about.

How can I style a baseball cap or visor in a feminine way?

Baseball caps and visors are great for summer, especially if you love the tomboy look. Want to keep things girly? You can still wear your cap, but take care when styling it. Pair your baseball cap with something soft and feminine, like a floaty dress or a ruffled top. If you really want to wear jeans, you could try accessorizing with a light summer scarf in a complementary color. Got long hair? Let it tumble down loose under your baseball cap for a look that's feminine and flirty.

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