Plus Size Blazers for Women

If you are looking for a single piece to spice up your entire outfit, plus size blazers for ladies will do the trick! You can easily transform a casual business outfit into a sophisticated look for important meetings by adding one of our trendy plus size blazers. Though formal in design, they are by no means stiff, nor do they limit your movements. You are invited to your niece’s christening, a wedding, or a more formal event? A well-fitting plus size blazer jacket is the perfect match for any occasion, giving you the shape you always wanted by accentuating your body’s middle part. Pick from:

  • Plus Size Longline Blazers
  • Plus Size Cape Blazers
  • Plus Size Open Front Blazers
  • Plus Size Double Breasted Blazers

The perfect plus size blazers to accentuate your curves

When looking for a new blazer, you should keep the following aspects in mind: The best plus size blazers must not look bulky or unflattering - quite the contrary! A well-fitting piece of clothing is rather highlighting the perfect curves on your body by accentuating them

For example, a buttoned up plus size boyfriend blazer automatically creates a V-neckline. In turn, your bust and upper body are optically stretched. Most blazers are cut in an hourglass shape with an elaborated waist, flattering for all figures since the smallest part of the body is highlighted. 

Our advice: Pick a plus size oversized blazer with a good amount of stretchy material – this way you can move comfortably at any time, even when it is closed.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size blazers for women

How do I style my new plus size blazer for women?

All our blazers in plus size give you various styling opportunities: Wear the modern and trendy pieces in combination with simple tops, colorful lightweight blouses or even with your favorite plus size dress for women. Combine your blazers with a matching pair of plus size pants for women and create your own pantsuit-look for special occasions. Choose similar or identical fabrics and prints to create flawless stylizations. Pay special attention to the optimal fit with a pair of plus size pants for women:

  • A pair of pants with narrowed legs lifts your waist
  • A straight wide leg optically lengthens your whole body 

You could match an elegant plus size skirt for women and a blouse with your favorite plus size black or white blazer. Paired with some nice heels, these outfits will certainly draw all the attention to you while optically lengthening your silhouette. However, you do not have to limit yourself to conventional colors. Depending on your outfit, you can match a monochromatic simple top with a vibrant plus size red or pink blazer to step into the center of attention. 

What kind of blazer fits short women?

It is important to keep the blazer’s length in relation to one’s own height in mind when looking for the perfect piece of clothing. Shorter women should correspondingly pick a shorter blazer in order to stretch their silhouette. If you do not want to pass on a plus size longline blazer, you can instead wear it like a dress in combination with stockings and ankle boots for a cozy and stylish look.

How do I clean my blazer?

In general, you should be able to clean most blazers in the washer. It’s best to check the care tag for special instructions first. Using lower washing cycles and temperatures ensures that the material does not get damaged. Some materials such as leather or sequin are best washed by hand. Wash your plus size (faux) leather blazer in lukewarm water with a splash of mild detergent to clean any stains.

Never put your blazer into a dryer, as it will lose its shape! It’s best to simply hang it on a coathanger and let it dry in a well circulated room.

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