Plus Size Blouses for Women

A good selection of blouses is a must-have in every woman's clothing collection when it comes to plus size tops - from a classic, fitted plus size white blouse, to an airy, brightly colored plus size tunic. 

Browse our selection of plus size blouses for women in an array of colors, patterns, and fits. Find new wardrobe staples for everyday life as well as eye-catching plus size blouses for special occasions. We know that the right fit is the key to comfort: that’s why our selection of feminine blouses is designed especially for plus size women.

Find the perfect plus size blouse for women for work or leisure

Being such an essential fashion-piece makes blouses the perfect fit for plenty of situations. A simple, yet elegant plus size blouse for work is always appropriate for the office or business meetings, and we have got just the right fit and style to flatter your figure. If you are looking for the perfect mix of comfort and elegance, a plus size dressy blouse will suit your tastes just right.

For more casual occasions, combine a pair of jeans with a lightweight plus size tunic for women or a plus size satin blouse in a color that suits your style. If you are invited to a wedding however, you might want to balance leisure with class – in this case an elegant plus size dressy blouse is perfect for a wedding, as it lets you look dashing without stealing the spotlight from the bride. Whatever your personal preferences may be, Ulla Popken's selection of sexy plus size blouses has the perfect piece for you to be able to show yourself at your best.

Searching for the right look for an evening with friends or the next party? Plus size long blouses for women underline your femininity and do look stunning in combination with your favorite pair of long pants and sneakers or high heels. Opt for simple monochrome designs or enticing colorful motifs depending on your gusto. Alternatively, an ornate plus size Mexican or summer blouse provides another centerpiece for your outfit on leisurely summer nights. 

Frequently asked questions about our plus size blouses for women

Which blouse compliments my figure?

Our plus size blouses for women do not only look stylish, they can also conceal problematic areas or put certain body parts into the focus.

  • A ruffle blouse effectively masks a small chest. By tucking it into your pants or skirt you can further emphasize your slim waist.
  • If you want to redirect attention from your chest, belly, or waist you should pick a plus size tunic.
  • Plus size blouses with ¾ sleeves are a good choice if you have a rather small stature and want to optically stretch your silhouette. You can further strengthen this effect by tucking the blouse into your pants, which makes your legs look longer. Just try to avoid fancy embellishments as they steal the attention from your exposed arms.

Which accessories go well with a plus size blouse for women?

When it comes to giving your outfit a little personal touch, there are no limits to your accessory of choice! A belt nicely harmonizes with the blouse, a scarf is especially useful once summer nights tend to be a bit colder. When wearing a plus size open front blouse for women, a belt worn around the belly will direct special attention to your waist. If you are looking for a stylish eye-catcher, then a necklace might serve as the special finish to your look. Just keep in mind: necklaces tend to draw the attention towards your chest area, therefore take a pass on those accessories, if you want to conceal that part of your body!

How do I properly wash my new plus size blouse?

Generally, you can safely use the regular program of your washing machine to clean most blouses. An exception has to be made with special materials such as satin: before washing a satin blouse for the first time, you should carefully read its etiquette. It is best to wash it either by hand or using the delicate cycle of your washer, while using either gentle detergent or none at all. Make sure to use cold water without any fabric softener or spot remover in order not to damage the material.

If you are washing the blouse by hand you let it soak in sudsy water for three to five minutes, gently massaging the soap through the clothing, and thoroughly rinsing it with cold water afterwards

When it comes to drying the blouse, never wring or twist it, as it will lose its shape! Instead, it is best to lay it out flat on a dry towel, protected from the direct sun, as excess heat damages the structure of the blouse. When ironing the blouse you should thus make sure to use the light setting without any steam for the same reason.

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