Plus size cardigans for women – to keep you warm and accentuate your silhouette

An essential piece of every wardrobe, that you can simply don at any time to feel comfort and warmth or to spice up your outfit with a fashionable outer layer – that’s what makes plus size cardigans great. While you can wear them all year long, plus size cardigans for ladies are especially popular during winter, when their cushy fabrics keep you warm. Look through out vast selection of women’s plus size cardigan sweaters in different colors, patterns, fabrics, and cuts to find your next favorite piece!

•    Plus size kimono cardigan
•    Plus size leopard cardigan
•    Plus size lace cardigan
•    Plus size sheer cardigan
•    Plus size sequin cardigan

The matching plus size cardigan for any woman

With the wide variety in terms of designs and styles, there is a multitude of plus size cardigan sweaters to choose from. Simple monochromatic plus size black of white cardigans are basic tops for almost any outfit

  • If you are looking for a plus size summer cardigan, then a plus size short sleeve or sleeveless cardigan is your pick. Made of light fabrics, you can wear these plus size lightweight cardigans over your plus size blouse for women once summer nights start to get a bit chilly. Alternatively, plus size boleros for women or shrugs present you with two lighter versions. These typically cropped plus size cardigans can put more emphasis on your stomach or chest, depending on the cut.
  • However, the colder seasons are the time to shine for plus size long cardigan sweaters. Roughly reaching down to your thighs or kneecaps, you can wear them during spring or the first days of fall, when it is too cold for a blouse, yet too warm for a plus size jacket for women. A plus size hooded cardigan does not only look cool but protects your head from the wind and cold. 
  • Winter is best celebrated in a plus size long cable knit cardigan. Wear it at home to snuggle up in it every time you feel cold or don't have a plus size parka when you need to head out – just make sure that the cardigan isn’t longer than the jacket. A plus size cardigan with pockets is great to store your phone or keys, or to simply keep your hands warm in them.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size cardigans for women

What fabrics are used for our plus size cardigans?

When it comes to the fabrics of our plus size cardigans, soft materials are used to ensure high degrees of comfort:

•    Cotton
•    Acrylic
•    Wool
•    Rayon

How do I wear a plus size cardigan?

•    Choosing the perfectly matching piece is tightly connected to your height. While a plus size oversized cardigan looks great on taller women, such a plus size long cardigan shortens your silhouette if you are already petite. 
•    Next to that, it’s best to wear form-fitting clothes underneath a loose cardigan in order to create contrasts for a chic look.
•    Combine a cable knit sweater with plus size skinny pants or a pencil skirt and pumps for an elegant business look.
•    A twin set of a comfy sweater and cardigan in matching fabrics and colors paired with a pair of jeans create a timeless style.
•    You can wear a plus size long cardigan duster over summer dresses and some sandals. Buttoned up, they also look great with a pair of leggings and some sneakers.

What is the difference between a cardigan and a shrug?

Albeit being similar pieces, women’s shrugs in plus sizes only cover the arms, shoulders, and upper portion of the back. In comparison, cardigans cover the entire upper body, making them the better choice for colder days.

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