Keep warm in fashionable plus size coats

The right type of coat is essential in every season and any kind of weather. Our selection of plus size coats for women is sure to keep you warm and fashionable. From cozy plus size teddy and wool coats to trendy plus size trench coats for spring or fall, we've got you covered.

Stylish plus size coats for ladies

For fall, plus size quilted jackets offer just enough warmth for those cool days and nights, all while delivering a figure-flattering silhouette. However, a plus size winter coat for ladies is a must-have once the coldest season of the year arrives. Thankfully, Ulla Popken's collection of plus size coats offers just the right combination of fashion, comfort, and function. Once spring arrives, a lighter plus size raincoat help you stay dry and fleek. Browse our collection of plus size coats and plus size parkas for women in various lengths, colors, and styles to find your new favorite piece.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size coats for women


What kind of coats does Ulla Popken offer?

Ulla Popken’s huge collection of plus size coats is certain to keep you warm and trendy. From comfy plus size wool coats to classy plus size long coats, we’ve got you covered:

  • Plus size (faux) fur coats: Fur gives you maximum warmth and style. You can perfectly wear it without looking bulky, but real fur also needs special care. Therefore, faux fur has come up as a great alternative, since it keeps you cozy and can be used thoroughly. The hoods of many of our plus size coats come with faux fur.
  • Plus size puffer coats for curvy ladies: You might be shying away from this style thinking it’ll add to your curves, but with more curve-conscious designers around, you can perfectly impress with a plus size puffer coat. Whether it’s one with a stand-up collar, a detachable faux fur hood, or a 4-in-1 coat - we have it all. Combine the coat with tight-fitting plus size jeans for women  if you want to optically stretch your silhouette!
  • Plus size trench & all-weather coats: The trench coat is a classic innovation and a perfect way to keep you both dry and warm at the same time. The belt around the waist works fabulously for defining your curves. These waterproof, windproof, and breathable coats will rightly serve your need. 

How do I choose the right plus size coat for women?

In order to feel comfy in your new coat, you should test how well it suits you:
  • Cross both of your arms pretending to hug yourself. The coat should still not be too tight on your back
  • Put on the coat, button, or zip it up, and walk around for a while. Your chest, hips, and arms need to have enough space. You can pick a coat one size above the one you usually wear to ensure more comfort. 
  • Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the sleeves cover an inch more from your wrist, in order not to leave no room for the chilling cold to touch your skin. 

How do I properly wash my plus size coat?

  1. Check for care instructions. If there are none, it’s best to check the materials – never put a wool coat in the washer, whereas ones out of polyester can be washed on low temperatures.
  2. However, it’s best to wash coats by hand, preferably with shower gel instead of detergent, as the former is easier on the material. Clean it with warm water to wash out stains.
  3. To dry your coat, simply put it on a hanger and let the moisture drip off. If you want to iron it, make sure to use lower temperatures in order not to damage the coat’s material.
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