Plus size dresses for women: great looks for any occasion

Dresses are must-haves in every woman’s clothing collection. No matter whether summer or winter, hot or cold, day or night – a plus size dress is available in so many styles and can be worn in so many ways that it suits for any occasion and for any woman’s body. Ulla Popken helps curvy ladies to get the right piece fast and easily. Our online shop offers an exclusive selection of plus-size dresses for women to wear during any time of day. Take a glance at our products and buy your new favorite plus size dress for women to create stunning looks

Plus size dresses that keep women chic and comfy

The purpose of dresses for curvy women is to highlight assets, not to hide so-called flaws. With the broad range of products in all possible colors and fabrics, Ulla Popken online shop makes it easy for you to find a dress that highlights your body type

Depending on your mood or plans, you may opt for either formal or casual dresses in women’s plus size. Choose stylish plus size mini dresses for party nights or summer vacations. Make a great entrance with a thrilling long plus size maxi dress while attending a wedding as guest, a christening, or any other special occasion. Or wear a sexy plus size satin dress to impress during romantic date nights. 

For more casual styles, wear a flattering dress with A-line fit and combine it with a plus size blazer for women for a classy office look. After work, easily change blazer with a cool plus size jacket for women and you are perfectly prepared for an easy-going evening with your friends. 

Ulla Popken’s product range also includes:

  • plus size cocktail and party dresses for excessive nights
  • cozy shirt and sweater dresses in plus size with short or long sleeves 
  • simple, yet classy white or black dresses in plus size 
  • feminine plus-size wrap dresses with comfy fit 

No matter what the weather or your schedule calls for, with a fashionable plus size dress from Ulla Popken you can never go wrong. You will find a piece that will suit your taste just right. By following your own style and with matching accessories you’ll create stunning looks that show yourself at your best. Our plus size dresses for women impress with high quality materials and pleasant cuts so that every lady feels comfortable while wearing.  

Frequently asked questions about our plus size dresses for women

What dress hides a belly best?

If you want to hide the belly, a dress with a higher waist or with a trapezoidal form is a good option. Watch out for tight spots in the belly area. You better choose higher cut plus size dresses with belt or ruffles at the waist and a falling wider skirt. Thus, the waist looks slim, and the skirt perfectly wraps the belly.

Which dresses to wear for short women?

Short women can basically wear any dresses they like and feel comfortable in. But if you want to lengthen your silhouette with an outfit, you should keep the following in mind: 

  1. Wear short dresses that show your legs. This will help you to look taller. 
  2. Add high heels or pumps to your dress. Thus, you stretch your legs, and the body proportions look more harmonious. 
  3. Go for calm patterns and monochrome combinations. Otherwise, you will look very shrunken. A pattern that is particularly stretching are vertical stripes.  

What material should a light summer dress be made of?

On hot summer days it’s especially important that the fabric of a dress is breathable, pleasantly soft on the skin and does not make you sweat excessively. Therefore, you should make sure that you buy summer dresses made of materials such as cotton, viscose or linen. Ulla Popken offers plus size summer dresses for women made of these materials allowing you to create stylish yet comfortable summer looks.

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