Plus Size Jackets for Women

Whether fighting off the cold or simply adding a fashionable touch to an outfit, plus size jackets for women are the way to go

  • From a timeless plus size denim jacket for work
  • over cushy plus size fleece jackets,
  • a trendy and lightweight plus size waterproof jacket for rainy weather,
  • to classic plus size leather biker jackets for colder days

 - our collection has got just what you are looking for in a plus size jacket!

Showcase your sense of style with a plus size jacket for women

Throwing on a jacket is a quick and easy way to transform a look. You can easily take a classic pencil skirt and blouse to a new level by adding a chic plus size blouson. With the plus size jackets for women from Ulla Popken you will have a fitting piece for any kind of situation, any time of the year. If coats simply aren’t your style, then a long plus size quilted jacket for women might be right up your alley. They will keep you warm throughout frigid winter days, while putting a lively accent into snowy landscapes with their vibrant colors. However, if rain and wind rule the weather, you best opt for plus size softshell jackets for women. Perfect for Spring and Autumn, these functional plus size rain jackets will protect you from catching a cold by keeping you dry.

As a rule of thumb, you should pick lightweight materials such as cotton in the summer, whereas it’s best to look for plus size jackets for women with a high degree of wool in the winter. When warm summer days blend into chilly nights, jean jackets are always a fashionable choice, as is a faux- or genuine plus size leather jacket for women. Our collection encompasses a variety of styles, materials, and fits: therefore, everyone is able to find just the right large size jacket for ladies they are looking for! Ulla Popken is committed to making fashionable, high-quality clothing for the modern plus size woman, so shop for your new favorites here.


Frequently asked questions about our plus size jackets for women

How do I properly wash my plus size jacket for women?

You can wash most plus size jackets for women on the wool setting of your washing machine. Alternatively, you can use the cold-water wash or wash, should your machine not have a wool cycle. To ensure that the material does not get damaged you should use a pH-neutral wool detergent. Clean the jacket at the lowest speed in order to prevent it wearing out. Then put it on a hanger where it can drip off and dry.

A piece of advice: Leather jackets require extra caution, as the material is sensitive to damage. It is best to wash them by hand either with a leather detergent or without any detergent at all. Make sure that the jacket is not exposed to the sun when drying!

What kind of jacket compliments a dress?

Long dresses compliment your figure and optically stretch your silhouette. Wearing a puffy jacket such as quilted or puffer jackets would thus counter this effect by visually stretching your upper body. Instead, close-fitting alternatives such as plus size leather or denim jackets perfectly harmonize with your dress.

What materials are best suited for a plus size jacket for women?

  • Cotton and Wool: warm and comfortable
  • Polyester and Softshell: water-repellent and easy to clean
  • Down: lightweight and warm, but susceptible to moisture
  • Leather and faux leather: stylish classic
  • Denim: perfect choice for everyday life
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