Plus Size Functional Jackets for Women

There's nothing like the great outdoors - as long as you're dressed for it! No matter what the weather's like, plus size functional jackets will allow you to live your life to the fullest. There are different functional jackets for various weather conditions and activities. After all, a brisk morning jog is hardly the same as an adventurous trek in the mountains! Among our selection of technical jackets for women, you'll find a range of plus size accessories, including:

  • Plus size rain jackets
  • Plus size moisture wicking jackets for sport
  • Plus size ski jackets
  • Plus size hooded jackets

Finding the perfect plus size functional jacket

When buying a plus size technical jacket, it's essential to consider which activities you'll be using it for. Sports like cycling or running need lightweight jackets that will protect you from the wind and rain without weighing you down or making you sweat. On the other hand, serious winter sports like skiing or snowboarding require heavy-duty jackets that are fully lined. For walking the dog or hitting the city streets, try a stylish parka with a cozy fur hood.

There are plenty of additional details that can make a functional jacket really stand out from the crowd. Look for zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe, thumbhole cuffs to stop sleeves from slipping, and removable hoods or linings. All these extras might seem like they're not essential, but they can make a huge difference in your daily wear! For road sports like running or cycling, technical jackets should have some kind of reflective elements to ensure visibility for drivers, even in foggy or misty weather.

Plus size functional jackets with style

It's not all about the technicalities - you want to look good, too! Many plus size ski jackets and rain jackets have bold colors, color block patterns, or unique prints that draw the eye. These plus size accessories are ideal for casual wear, so pair them with a cute pair of jeggings or denim jeans. Fashion and functional jackets are generally designed to stand out. Don't fight their boldness: wear them with simple pants to keep them from clashing.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size functional jackets for women

How do I wash my plus size functional jacket?

Take extra care when washing and drying functional jackets for plus-size women. They are made of specialized fabrics that don't always play well in a standard washing machine. Read the individual care label on each garment and be sure that you follow the instructions. After all, special jackets deserve special attention!

What features should I look for in a plus size functional jacket?

This will depend on a few factors: the activities that you enjoy, the climate you live in, and your personal taste. For example, some runners love hoods while others find them restrictive. Some jacket features like pockets are always welcome. Look for zippered pockets for extra security, and go for a jacket with internal pockets if bad weather is frequently on the horizon. Even if you're doing nothing more strenuous than walking the dog, these plus size accessories will help keep your cell phone and keys both safe and dry!

How can I look my best in a plus size functional jacket?

A danger of plus size technical jackets is that they might swamp your figure, making you look bigger. Worried about this? Look for a tactical jacket with a drawstring at the waist, which you can pull for instant definition. To balance a bulky jacket, wear a pair of slim fit pants. Doing this will keep your curvy silhouette looking good, even in a fully lined winter parka!

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