Plus Size Loungewear for Women

Look as good staying in as you do going out with our selection of plus size loungewear. Perfect for lazy days, cozy nights in, and weekends, this range lets you chill out in total comfort. Relax, pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink, and slip into the Ulla Popken loungewear collection, which includes:

  • Plus size lounge pants
  • Plus size lounge shorts
  • Plus size lounge tops
  • Plus size lounge jackets

Comfortable plus size loungewear: just what you need to feel great

When it comes to plus size loungewear, your number one priority should be comfort. When you're chilling on the sofa or taking a nap, the last thing you need is clothes that dig in. That's why your lounge pants or lounge shorts should have a comfy, elasticated, or drawstring waist and be made from knit material. Knit fabric stretches around your body for optimal comfort. A drawstring waist lets you adjust the pants to fit you. If you find that elastic at the waist can be uncomfortable, look for an extra-wide waistband, which is softer and easier to wear.

In winter, you can get extra cozy by opting for velour or fleece-lined loungewear, which is perfect for snuggling on cold days. If that's too hot for you in transitional weather, then choose a plus size lounge jacket. These can be zipped up and worn as sweaters on cold days, or left open to let in a breeze on warmer days.

Cute plus size loungewear you'll want to show off

Loungewear doesn't mean dressing like a slob! Simply choosing a matching plus size lounge top and pants or shorts will make you look instantly more put together. That way, you'll feel cuter when you have an audience - whether you're chilling with your friends for a movie marathon or enjoying a quiet night with that special someone.

Want to jazz up some plain loungewear? Wear a bathrobe over the top. It'll keep you warmer and add funky color to your outfit. Plus, the addition of pockets is great for stashing your phone, lip balm, or even some sneaky candy!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size loungewear for women

What kind of bra should I wear with my plus size loungewear?

Some girls are happy to go braless in the privacy of their own home, but if you're busty, that may not be an option! If going without a bra is just too sore, then slip into a comfort bra. You can even find matching styles of comfort bras and lounge pants if you want a cute outfit to wear at home.

What fabric is best for plus size loungewear?

Plus size loungewear is all about comfort, so look for fabric that feels good against your skin. Cotton and viscose are good choices in summer, as they're cool to the touch. Cotton is especially popular because it absorbs moisture, keeping you nice and dry if you tend to sweat. In winter, you might prefer cozy, snugly velour. Look for knit fabrics at any time of year - they're stretchy and soft, which is so important in loungewear.

What style of plus size lounge pants should I choose?

This comes down to your own personal preference. Some girls love wearing leggings as part of their plus size loungewear, while others prefer the loose, breezy fit of palazzo pants. Lounge shorts are always popular in summer, but stick to palazzo pants if the thought of baring your legs makes you cringe. They'll keep you just as cool without flashing any flesh. If you tend to feel the cold, look for lounge pants with ribbed cuffs. These will keep your legs warmer as you chill out!

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