Plus Size Pants for Women

They are truly all-rounders and belong to the basics in every woman's closet – plus size pants. Being the perfect basis for any outfit, it just depends on the other pieces you combine your plus size pants for women with to style looks that are suitable to your mood and plans. You easily create sporty, feminine or elegant looks just as you feel and like at any moment. With flattering plus size pants by Ulla Popken curvy women not only emphasize their assets, but also feel completely comfortable. Click through our online shop now and be inspired by the selection of plus size pants for women. You will find, for example: 

For every occasion the right plus size pants

Our plus size pants for women do not only impress with their high-quality fabrics and stylish design, but also with their comfortable fit. Thanks to this, it’s very easy for you to find plus size pants suiting to your needs. 

Fitting to almost any kind of outfit, plus size jeans are the absolute classic. Together with a plus size T-shirt, you easily create casual daytime outfits. At the evening, changing shirt to a sexy plus size top and putting on some heels, gives you a thrilling outfit for night outs with friends or romantic evenings with your lover. 
A day at work can be stylishly done with plus size wide leg Marlene pants combined with an elegant plus size blouse complemented by a flattering plus size blazer. For evenings at home style must not be missed out. Choose, for example, our fashionable plus size leggings or joggers and wear them together with a long, cozy plus size sweater. A comfy, yet stylish look is created. 

No matter which Ulla Popken plus size pants you choose, all of them impress women with their high quality and workmanship. They ensure that you can’t help but feel completely comfortable. Whether you want to accentuate your feminine curves or conceal so-called problem areas, our pants for plus size women meet your needs

Frequently asked questions about our plus size pants for women

Which fit of plus size pants for women suits me best?

Basically, the best plus size pants for women are those, in which you feel comfortable and your silhouette is emphasized. But you should keep in mind, that, for example, a pair of plus size white pants direct attention towards your legs immediately making them often look bigger than they are. While black pants in plus size flatter your legs and redirect looks to the whole outfit. Plus size pants for women are extremely versatile. That’s why every lady with any body type will find a perfectly suiting pair in our online shop. 

Which plus size pants for women with shorter legs?

It’s best to decide on wearing high-waist pants that are skinny or at least slim. Because tight-fitting, high-cut pants optically lengthen the legs and additionally create a narrow waist, which in turn positively enhances the whole silhouette. With plus size ankle pants, for example slacks or in paperbag style, your ankles are exposed naturally. This also visually adds more length to your legs. Avoid plus size Marlene pants or palazzo pants. Due to their wide legs, they may lengthen your body at first glance, but making the whole silhouette broader, so that visually no length is gained at all.

How to wear different waistband heights?

According to their names, high waist, regular waist and low waist plus size pants for women give you a hint where to wear them. That means, plus size pants with a high waist, need to sit close to your waistline. Regular waist pants conversely, sit right at or below the belly button. Low waist pants sit below the waist. Which of those waistband heights you decide to wear depends on which fit you like and in which you feel comfortable.

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