Plus Size Joggers & Knit Pants for Women

Plus size sweatpants are a must-have for everyone who is frequently working out or likes physical activities of any kind. However, the comfy pants aren’t limited to sportswear - by now, the trendy pieces found their way into many wardrobes as a favorite pair of pants for casual days at home due to the high comfort they provide. Choose from apparel in different sizes, lengths, materials, and colors to find the best plus size sweatpants for you:

•    Plus size cargo joggers
•    Plus size capri joggers
•    Plus size leather joggers
•    Plus size jeans joggers

Tackle any occasion with your plus size joggers for women

Whether you like to go to the gym, prefer fitness with yoga practices, or tend to go on longer jogs and runs – your plus size sweatpants will ensure you a high degree of movability while being comfortable thanks to their material with innate stretch. Pair them with a track suit for a sleek plus size jogger outfit. During summer, a pair of capri sweatpants in plus sizes will keep you cool thanks to its shortened legs.

Our advice for women with curves who like to test their stamina with long walks and jogs are plus size wide leg sweatpants. Their wider cut allows air to circulate more freely, helping your legs to cool down during exhausting activities. Coupled with a matching oversized plus size sweatshirt for women, you are good to go for some exercises! Like to leave your home on short notice for a quick run? Then buy plus size sweatpants with pockets for your keys or phone.

However, plus size women’s sweatpants also found their way into fashionable casual looks. Modern designs with stripes and patterns or plus size sequin joggers go great with monochrome plus size blouses for women. In reverse, monochrome plus size black joggers in a chino cut harmonize quite nicely with patterned tops or t-shirts. 

Frequently asked questions about our plus size joggers for women

What are important qualities of plus size sweatpants?

A good pair of plus size jogger pants should primarily provide you comfort thanks to its soft materials. A pair of classic plus size track pants leaves enough air for your legs, while yoga pants are typically more form-fitting. Among the most important aspects is the elastic waistband, which makes them the perfect clothing for many sizes – therefore, they can even be worn as maternity pants or plus size loungewear for women.

What kind of plus size sweatpants are best for curvy women?

As the majority of joggers for women features a stretch factor thanks to an elastic waistband, you will look great in any pair of pants. However, if you want to look a bit taller, accentuate your curves or aim to conceal problematic portions of your body, a pair of straight-cut plus size joggers with wider legs is your best pick. Choose darker colors or high waist pants if you want to optically stretch your silhouette.

What is the best fabric for plus size joggers?

Given that you will usually sweat while wearing your joggers, it’s important to frequently clean them accordingly. The material should thus meet several criteria:

•    Quick-drying
•    Breathable
•    Stretch
•    Wash-n-wear

That’s why the majority of plus size jogger sets is made of cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both. A certain degree of spandex is usually used to make the pants more flexible.

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