Plus Size Skirts for Women – feminine pieces for any style

Warm summer months call for flowy clothes – the perfect time for plus size skirts! They are made of floaty materials, allowing air to freely circulate to cool your legs even on the hottest days. Next to that, the best skirts for plus size outfits help to conceal potentially problematic areas such as wide hips or thick legs, while accentuating your feminine curves.

Ulla Popken offers you a vide variety of pieces in different lengths, colors, patterns, and materials. Choose from:
•    monochrome variants such as plus size black, white, or red skirts, 
•    popular patterns such as plaid or flowers. 
•    different fabrics like plus size jean, tulle, or corduroy skirts, 
•    multiple styles from classic plus size tennis to tutu skirts, or trendy plus size skorts

The amazing versatility of plus size skirts for women

The amazing variety of plus size skirts makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you. First, you should choose how long the plus size skirt should be:

Plus size mini skirts cover the range of the shortest skirts, from ones barely covering your crotch, to those that end slightly above your kneecaps. Classic pieces in this length are plus size denim and leather skirts. However, you should avoid skirts that are too short when it comes to business or work meetings. An interesting variation are plus size women’s skorts. Their name already hints towards what they are – a combination of skirt and shorts, they are perfect for sports or if you just want to enjoy showing your legs without the danger of accidentally exposing too much.

Plus size midi skirts present a popular middle ground, roughly reaching down to the middle of your calves. They are usually the best choice if you haven’t found a length in which you feel comfortable yet, as they accentuate your legs and curves. Most frequently, they make use of elastic waistbands instead of buttons, which ensures that they’ll sit comfortably on your body. 

A plus size maxi skirt is among the longest types of skirts, with the hem falling down to your ankles. Given their length, they optically shorten your silhouette by concealing your legs. Therefore, smaller women should opt for higher cuts, in order to avoid compressing their silhouette.

Should you encounter cold weather, you can simply wear some stockings or plus size leggings for women under your new plus size skirt. Don a short blazer, college jacket or plus size denim jacket for women to stay warm and to maintain your silhouette

Frequently asked questions about our plus size skirts for women


Which plus size skirt fits my body shape?

•    Triangle shape: With a narrow upper body and wide hips, a plus size A-line skirt is your best choice. It highlights the slimmest part of your waist, while masking your hips, optically narrowing your lower body. 
•    Inverted triangle shape: With a slim lower body and comparatively broader shoulders, a plus size high waisted skirt helps to mask your mid-section, in turn balancing your silhouette.
•    Rounded shape: Should your waist be the widest part of your body, a plus size high waisted skirt once again is the best choice to direct attention away from your center and towards your legs.
•    Rectangle shape: If your waist, hips, and shoulders are roughly the same width, a figure-touching mini skirt emphasizes your curves while showing off your legs.
•    Hourglass shape: Similar to a rectangle shape but with a slimmer well-defined waist, you will look great in a plus size pencil skirt. It further accentuates your curves while optically smoothing out your thighs.

Which boots harmonize nicely with a plus size skirt for women?

With a great variety of plus size skirts from long to short cuts in different styles, your respective choice of boots is not limited either! A plus size leather skirt looks great with ankle boots or pumps, a plus size pleated or skater skirt can be matched with sneakers for a casual look, while plus size wrap and boho skirts go great with ballet flats. Plus size long skirts perfectly match with sandals for a summer or beach outfit.

Which tops look great together with a plus size skirt for women?

When it comes to combining pieces with your plus size skirt for stylish outfits, you should try to create contours by using contrasts between wide and figure-hugging pieces. Match a straight plus size plaid skirt with a wide blouse, tunic, or plus size sweater for women, tucking it into the waistband. Or pick a floaty skirt with a figure-hugging top, shirt, or turtleneck sweater to create a different chic contrast.

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