Stylish Plus Size Sweaters for Women

Don’t let the chilly weather get you down! Warm up with one of our cozy plus-size sweaters for women made just for you. We have a wide selection of quality styles and fabrics that will provide a warm hug on even the coldest of days. We’ve got you covered with comfy pullover sweaters on those lazy days that just won’t let you leave the house. Try our plus size oversized sweaters made of incredibly soft materials for high comfort. They come in so many colors and styles, you won’t know where to start!

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Discover the variety of our plus size sweaters for women

Before the weather gets too cool, try one of our many lightweight plus size cardigans for women. These are perfect for layering and creating a unique style. We recommend buying a few pieces in neutral colors such as black, blue, and gray, in order to maximize the number of possible combinations. Next, scroll on over to our collection of plus size ponchos for women. These amazing pieces are perfect for the woman on the go, who is looking for an easy centerpiece that keeps you warm during spring and fall. Drape it over an outfit if you’re running errands or make it the main attraction of your look. Once it gets colder, you’ll want to snuggle up in warmer fabrics – making our plus size cashmere sweaters the perfect choice.

Warm plus size sweaters for the winter months

  • Need to dress up without freezing your buns off? Check out our selection of comfy plus size tunic sweaters that combine fashion with function. These versatile plus size long sweaters can be worn casual or chic, depending on your choice of pants and shoes.
  • If you want to combine comfort with elegance, our plus size turtlenecks are the perfect choice for you! With one of those plus size roll neck sweaters for women, you can cover your throat from the cold while looking stylish and feeling comfy. In the same vein, plus size cable knit sweaters are a subtle yet stylish classic that keeps you warm during cold winter nights.
  • Want something fitting the season? Then you’ll be happy to browse through our collection of plus size ugly Christmas sweaters! While they might have been seen as sappy in the past, it is this very nature that makes them so popular today.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size sweaters for women

What kind of sweater flatters my figure?

Large size women’s sweaters are a great way to conceal problematic portions of your body, while at the same time providing comfort. An oversize piece masks your curves, while a v-neckline helps to optically stretch your silhouette if you have a small waist.

What is the difference between sweater and sweatshirt?

Albeit similar in name, the major difference between both pieces of your wardrobe is found in their material. Sweatshirts use a certain kind of cotton, whereas sweaters are not limited to one kind of fabric – while all sweatshirts are sweaters, not every sweater is a sweatshirt.

How do I properly clean my new sweater?

Always check the care label first before washing any article of clothing. If it says “dry clean only” you should let professionals clean it, if there is no such warning there, you can wash it either by hand or using the washer.

  • If using the washer, make sure to use a delicate cycle setting using cold water. It’s best to put it into a laundry mesh ash bag in order to reduce friction and wear. You should only wash it with light clothing for the same reason
  • If you decide to wash it by hand, you fill a tub with cold water and mild detergent. Then turn the sweater inside out and let it soak for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse it afterwards, refill the tub with clean water and gently swish the sweater around in it.

When it comes to cleaning, you should never wring it nor put it into a dryer! The sweater will lose shape and get stretched. Instead, simply hang it flat in a room with good air circulation.

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