Plus Size Vests for Women – lightweight outerwear to provide you warmth

When the temperature cools down, a stylish plus size vest for women is a great way to add warmth and a touch of flair to your outfit. These plus size sleeveless vests for women are perfect for cool fall days and can even be layered with a coat for wintery days. Ulla Popken's collection of plus size vests encompasses an array of colors, materials, and fits:

  • Plus Size Puffer Vests
  • Plus Size Sweater Vests
  • Plus Size Denim Vests
  • Plus Size Vest Jackets
  • Plus Size Quilted Vests

Our vide variety of women’s plus size winter and fall vests

A plus size vest for women is the perfect "in-between" piece, ideal for days that are too cool to go without a plus size coat for women but too warm to go with one. A women’s plus size puffer vest looks great over a sweater and provides just enough warmth on those early fall days. Our collection contains both classic and modern pieces, ensuring that your stylistic preferences will be met. 

However, vests are far more than just a means to shield you from the chilling cold: spice up a dress for work with a lightweight plus size jean vests or a chic women’s faux-leather vest in plus size. A plus size outdoor vest is great for hiking or a weekend shopping tour. Hooded models protect your head from the cold and wind if you don’t wear a beanie.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size vests for women

Which type of vest compliments curvy women?

Plus size vests are a great piece for every body shape as they conceal problematic portions of your body. Plus size long vests are the perfect solution to hide more pronounced hips. If you want to emphasize your femininity, a plus size long puffer vest with a waistbelt will fulfill your needs!

How do I style my plus size vest for women?

Given the variety of materials, your new vest can be matched with several pieces to create trendy outfits – clever layering is the key:

  • Women’s plus size denim vests are perfect for leisurely spring and summer outfits. Layer them over a basic t-shirt or tank top and combine them with your favorite pair of colored jeans. If you don’t want to freeze during the colder months, you can drape an open front plus size jacket for women over your vest – just don’t choose a denim one, as it will blend with your vest!
  • Plus size women’s sweater vests might have been out of touch in the past, but right now they enjoy a great stylish revival. Tuck a plus size knitted vest into a pair of jeans or drape them over long dresses – the best results are achieved either with monochrome styles or contrasting patterns!
  • Women’s plus size suit vests are the perfect pieces for semi-professional or casual occasions. Simply layer them over your business outfit with dress pants or a skirt, complimenting a long blouse underneath. For a more debonair look, match your vest with a pair of plus size jeans for women, a brighter blouse and ankle boots.

How do I properly clean my new vest?

Proper care is important for your plus size vest to keep its properties. If you want to preserve the beloved plush of your plus size faux fur vest or women’s plus size fleece vest, it’s important to check the care label before washing them. If it reads that the vest should be dry cleaned, it’s best to consult a professional instead of washing it at home.

If that is not the case however, you can use the gentle washing cycle with mild detergent and cold water. Alternatively, the safest method is to wash your vest by hand:

  1. Mix water with one to two teaspoons of gentle detergent in a basin. If the vest is too large, you can clean also clean it in your bathtub instead.
  2. Submerge the vest in the water, gently swishing it through the solution for roughly ten minutes.
  3. Lift the vest and squeeze out the soapy water – do NOT wring it however, as it would lose shape!
  4. Refill your basin or tub with clean water, rinse the vest until no suds remain, and gently squeeze out excess liquid. 
  5. It is best to simply hang your vest on a drying rack or a padded hanger instead of putting it in a clothes dryer, as the heat might irreversibly damage the material. Simply let it drip-dry instead, keeping it out of direct sunlight or heat.
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