Bra types at a glance

Which bra is right for me? This is a question many women ask themselves when confronted with the vast range of bra types available. First and foremost, it depends on your cup size and chest circumference. The best way to find your ideal bra size is using a suitable size chart.

Armed with your correct bra size and your own preferences, you can then decide which of the many bra types is right for you. Should you go for a bra with soft cups or underwire, wide straps or narrow straps?

Of course, the outfit you’re wearing will also determine what bra types work best. To avoid visible seams under flowing fabrics or something tight-fitting, a smooth T-shirt bra may be a better choice than a bra with lace and seams on the cup. A multiway bra is brilliant for dresses and tops with an unusual cut. The straps can be crossed over or changed to a halterneck configuration so they disappear under your top.

The pullover bra

Pullover bras are particularly flexible and soft, so they feel like a second skin. They are made using just a few seams. Wide, padded straps ensure maximum comfort. With a pullover bra, you hardly know you’re wearing it! A front closure makes putting it on and taking it off easy. Our collection always includes a range of beautiful pullover bras, featuring both special prints and plain colors, of course.

Pullover Bra

Comfort Bra


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Our non-wired support bras

A support bra offers firm support for women with a fuller bust. Extra-wide, padded straps and a high back stop the straps digging into your skin and take the strain off your back and shoulders. An underbust band and integrated mesh inserts in the sides and beneath the straps provide firm support and hug your body perfectly. Additional crescent-shaped inserts inside the cup support the breasts and give them a gentle lift.

Support Bra

Support Bra


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The “Stella” underwired bra

An underwired bra gives you an attractive neckline, so you’re guaranteed to look elegant! The breasts are supported from below by underwiring incorporated in the bra, so the support is particularly good. This also relieves the strain on your back and shoulders. Mesh inserts offer exceptional support, while individually adjustable straps make for a comfortable fit. Our collection always features “Stella” underwired bras in a range of different designs.

Underwire Bra Stella

Underwire Bra


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Microfiber bras

The perfect fit without restricting movement – that’s something microfiber bras can offer. Double molded cups hug your body shape, while the soft microfiber material is highly durable, exceptionally breathable, and at the same time extremely comfortable. Microfiber bras are perfect for wearing under T-shirts. These bras also have wide straps to stop them digging into your skin. The straps on our microfiber bras are also lightly padded.

Microfiber Bra

Mircrofiber Bra



The “Larissa” softshell bra

The bras that go by the name “Larissa” are smooth softshell bras. Our “Larissa” bras also feature underwires and fit perfectly under any outfit, guaranteeing a beautifully shaped neckline. Seamless cups ensure there’s nothing to see on the outside of your clothes. The bridge between the cups is decorated with a pretty little bow. Adjustable straps can be altered to fit your body.

Larissa Bra




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