Summer dresses are very popular! How do we know that? Because the search for dresses in our shop doubles in the spring and summer months. As always, we design for the needs of our customers. If we understand you, we can offer what you need. In this post, we provide in-site on why summer dresses are so popular.


Before you get into the style, cut and design of your favorite dress, the question of all questions is: Which length works for you?

Mini dresses

It should be clear to everyone that a mini dress is short. But you decide what you want to wear – if short is your style go for it! If you feel comfortable in a mini dress, then you can and should wear it with pride. We recommend that you wear mini dresses for casual events. Choose chunky boots for your mini dress. How about a cool bag? When it comes to styling, there are no limits – your body your rules!

Midi dresses

Midi lengths are very popular. They are airy like a maxi dress and offer plenty of leeway to show off your stylish shoes. Tight-fitting midi dresses can show off your curves.  For example, a Slinky fabric is a great option, learn more below.

Wide cut, midi dresses say summer and create a great silhouette and can show off waist. Make sure there is enough distance between shoe and dress. For example, if you choose boots that are the same length as your dress, your legs might appear short. So, for midi dresses, it is better to use sandals or sneakers to visually lengthen your legs.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses provide total comfort! Soft flowing fabrics, along with fun surface for colors, patterns and prints – which is why maxi dresses are a must-have for your wardrobe. It is important you create proportions, because in a maxi dress especially in shorter women your dress can take over. Therefore, emphasize your waist with a tie belt and push up your sleeves if you wear a maxi dress with long sleeves. The choice of shoes is rather secondary, as you can hardly see them. Depending on the style, you can use sandals, sneakers or boots.


As you can read here, Slinky flatters the figure! Slinky fabric is very firm, so that summer dresses made of Slinky flatter your curves and hide bumps.

Our selection by Ulla Popken collection offers beautiful summer dresses made of Slinky fabric, which are perfect for special occasions. The supportive texture can safely show off your figure. Waisted dresses or dresses with tie belts are great options. To add to this elegant style, choose high shoes in a shade to match your dress. Add strong jewelry, such as a statement necklace or large earrings.

Diagonal Stripe Slinky Maxi Dress


Jersey always works. This popular elastic material scores above all in wearing comfort. A jersey dress is the perfect companion for your everyday casual look. Often the jersey dress comes in straight cuts with a short sleeve or sleeveless.

There are no limits to print and color – choose your style according to your taste. We love jersey dresses with casual sneakers. If you are unsure which sneakers work with your dress reach for a fresh white design.





What could be nicer in warm temperatures than gentle linen fabric on your skin. The natural material allows the skin to breathe and provides a cooling effect.


Tunic dresses are also popular for hot summer days. The reason is obvious – the tunic cut you enjoy provides full freedom of movement and carefree wearing comfort. Often tunic dresses come with floral patterns or with embroidery and boho details giving off vacation vibes. Open sandals and wedges go perfectly. For a great finishing touch add a straw bag and hat.

You can also wear tunic dresses with tight leggings or jeggings!

I am a tooltip for a hotspot

Skinny Jeans

Denim Blazer


Shirt dresses are currently in vogue. These types of dresses are very popular, since they have a casual fit and are usually cotton or linen. As the name suggests, a shirt dress is a shirt in a long length creating a dress – it is as simple as that. This combines two things we love – the casual fit and the dressy look of a shirt with the feminine appearance of a dress.

Shirt dresses can be combined in a variety of ways: you can wear them with pumps and small handbags or with sandals and a straw bag. We especially love the combination of sneakers matching the shade of your dress. You also have the option to wear your shirt dress open as a duster. Be sure to try this trendy dress design. We bet you will love it!

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