This year, neutral colors in all possible variations are trendy. Neutral tones not only look elegant, but are also super easy to combine. But why do we love this color trend so much? Neutral tones have a certain ambiguity: on the one hand, they can convey a deep feeling of calm, relaxation and balance, but on the other hand they also exude an incredibly powerful and elegant image.

What are neutral colors?

By definition, neutral means “without color”. We like to think of neutrals as balanced hues that don’t compete with anything else. This makes them particularly useful as basics. Neutral hues work well with other colors by complementing them. However, they can also be worn independently of other colors and conjure up an elegant look on their own .

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Combine neutral colors

With the combination of neutral colors you can let your creativity run free. Neutral colors can be styled with each other in almost all variations and your look can be more harmonious. With the following five styling tips you can create the perfect neutral outfit.

1. Create a neutral look

If you like you look to be less colorful and like to wear more subtle colors, you can still easily add a little variety to your look. With neutral tones, several colors can be combined to create a harmonious and clean look. Easily create a bright and fresh look with soft, complementary tones. To do this, you can easily combine different shades of the same color family.

One example is the combination of beige, off-white and ivory. With this color combination you can conjure up a stylish and elegant look. A combination of pastel tones such as a soft pink and beige also look very elegant and beautiful. We recommend that you do not choose too strong of a contrast in order to preserve the montone look of your outfit.

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2. Add eye catchers

If you can’t do without bright colors entirely, add a little eye-catcher to your outfit: Combine a neutral outfit as a base and highlight your look with strong color shade such as yellow, orange, red or black. Often it is enough to integrate these colors into your accessories or shoes. So your outfit doesn’t look too cluttered and it is still neutral and fresh.

Add eye catchers

Shirt Blouse


Cargo Jogging Pants

3. Play with textures

Many people think of a neutral outfit as not very dimensional. However, your neutral outfit can be anything but boring and dimensional, if you play with different textures and materials. These give your look a certain variety and make it look more exciting.
Choose some accents from statement materials such as lace, linen, denim, leather, wool, cord or even patterns and combine them with subtle materials such as cotton, polyester or silk. The mix of different textures makes your outfit look interesting and fresh.

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Brushed Funnel Neck Oversized Fit Stretch Sweater

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4. Prefer off-white and earthy tones

Off-white is not a pure white, but a slightly tinted white, which becomes a creamy white with a shade of beige or gray. It can be perfectly combined with all colors and gives every outfit a warm and harmonious tone.
The best thing about off-white: You can integrate it into your neutral look regardless of the season.

Earthy shades such as khaki, brown or copper red are also great for your neutral look. They are neutral – but exciting nonetheless. So you can upgrade your look and still create a neutral and not too flashy look.

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5. Add structure

To spice up your neutral outfit and accentuate your figure in the right places, add structure to your look by defining your silhouette.

While high-waist pants make your legs look longer and highlight your waist, puffed sleeves and wrap-around tops create wider shoulders.

Benefit from various details such as folds, ruffles and flounces. They make areas of the body eye-catchers. Belts and knots create beautiful contours at the waist. Always make sure to wear the right underwear under your neutral look, so that your outfit remains classy and stylish.

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