Hi, my name is Mia. I’m a plus size blogger and influencer at @infatstyle . Fashion is my hobby and my job, which is why I have been dealing with shapewear for years. Today I am able to bring you closer to the topic of shapewear and give you tips & tricks.

What is shaping underwear?

Translated, shapewear means nothing more than “figure-shaping lingerie”. These styles hug the body and press small rolls together. We used to say “stomach-away-pants”. Shapewear is often worn as underwear, but can also be worn over underwear.
With Shaping Underwear, the body can be modeled in such a way that it corresponds to your own wishes. With the right shapewear you can, for example, create a lush cleavage. But also a flatter stomach, a narrower waist, narrower thighs and the bottom can be brought into shape. Shapewear is not about looking slimmer, but about defining the feminine curves. True to the principle, a little less here and a little more there.

What types of shapewear are there?

In the beginning, when figure-shaping lingerie came onto the market, there was only the well-known shaping pants, which have now received a lot of support. Different types of bodices can be used universally for different needs. In addition to the main colors black and nude, there is now a considerable selection of other colors. Not only colors, but also playful details are increasingly used. Beautifully adorned and printed shapewear with lace can now be found everywhere.

  • Dress: Undergarments made of a firm bodice are particularly suitable under tight dresses. They are available with and without a breast shaper. Depending on the neckline of the dress, an underdress with or without sleeves is suitable.
  • Pants: Shaping pants are now available in different designs as well. With a leg or without a leg. Most of them have a fairly high waist and are best worn under tight skirts or “high waist” clothing. They particularly shape the stomach and bottom. In the area of the leg section, the trousers also shape the thighs. Shaping leggings are now also available. These shape the whole leg and can also be worn over them without pants.
  • Top: The top is suitable for modeling small rolls on the back, stomach and waist. It is best worn under tighter tops. Shaping tops are even now also available for men to make small rolls disappear.
  • Bodysuit: A shaping suit is an all-rounder. It shapes the waist, bottom, stomach and legs. The suit looks like a body and can be buttoned at the crotch. There are also bodies with an extended leg section – some up to the knees.

How is shapewear supposed to fit?

How do I care for my shapewear?

Shaping underwear is available in different price categories from a wide variety of material classes, but they have one thing in common: They need the right care, otherwise the underwear will not last a long time. The parts can best be cleaned at a maximum of 30 degrees on the delicate cycle without fabric softener. Fabric softener will make them lose their hold. Drying works best on a clothesline and never in the dryer.

I hope I was able to help you with the article to find the right shapewear for you and I hope you enjoy trying it out.


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