Which briefs suit which bottom?

Briefs, thong or detailed panties? All women have their own preferences and often automatically choose the one they’re most familiar with and that they’re used to. Did you know that there is a perfect panty shape for every bottom? Find out here which briefs/panties suit you best.


The key element of our briefs is their high level of comfort. You’ll find briefs in many different designs and qualities, often in multipacks. Materials such as cotton and microfiber make this classic underwear which is so popular with our customers wonderfully comfortable.

Our high-waisted briefs or maxi briefs have a high cut and reach just above the navel. They generously cover the hips and thus resemble our panties. The difference, however, lies in the bottom area. The high-waisted briefs are shaped like the normal brief style here.

High-waisted briefs are particularly suitable for women with a little excess padding around the stomach.

When it comes to body forming, the focus is on shaping the figure with a firm material. Shaping briefs often have a slightly higher cut. They go perfectly under dresses, pants, and skirts to adjust that extra padding.

The popular classic briefs have a low waist height and small leg cut. And of course, they come in many different designs and qualities. The classic briefs are suitable for any body shape.

If you have to spend a lot of time sitting down in your everyday life, your underwear may pinch a little around your legs. You can avoid this with the high leg cut of our comfort panty We like to incorporate a bit of lace on the briefs and make them not only comfortable but also real eye-catchers.


Thongs are popular because they do not show on your bottom under tight or fine clothing due to their almost seamless look. They also always look wonderfully feminine and seductive.

Thongs adapt perfectly to your body shape. Our thongs have a particularly high waistband, which prevents unpleasant cutting into the skin. The thong has a narrow cut on the rear and does not cover the bottom.

Detailed Panties

Panties are both fashionable and comfortable. They are available in many materials with different patterns and colors. Special details like lace and transparency make these pretty panties a sexy eye-catcher.

Which briefs suit which bottom?

Heart-shaped bottom

Is your waist relatively narrow, but your hips quite wide? And is the lower part of your bottom not so pronounced? Then you probably have a heart-shaped bottom with a V shape.

  • We recommend briefs, panties or hipsters that sit low on the hips. These give you generous coverage and brilliantly highlight your bottom. Panty girdles are also a good choice for a slimmer looking bottom.
  • Panties with higher leg cuts will not suit you so much. They accentuate the area where there is a slight lack of volume.
Heart-shaped bottom

Square-shaped bottom

You’ve got a rather flat bottom with a straight shape from the hip bone to the upper thigh.

  • A high leg cut will conjure up a feminine form here. But a boyfriend panty and a panty with a longer leg are also a good choice.
Square-shaped bottom

Pear-shaped bottom

Your bottom is widest lower down, just below the hips. That’s why this is referred to as a pear-shaped bottom.

  • Briefs/panties with high or diagonally cut legs are a good idea. These include office comfort briefs/panties, high-waisted briefs or thongs, for example.
Pear-shaped bottom

Round bottom

This type of bottom is similar to the classic apple shape with its curvature. 

  • Classic brief shapes, boyfriend panties and shaping panties fit a sexy apple bottom best. They offer sufficient material coverage. Thongs draw attention to the larger size of your bottom.
  • Briefs and panties that are too small or too tight can slip and become unflattering when you’re moving about.
Round bottom

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