50 useful fashion tips for real fashionistas!

When it comes to fashion, each of us has asked our mother or best friend for a tip or two. It could be about laundry or problems with the zipper. Some tricks help, others are completely useless. Here are the best fashion tips and tricks a fashionista should really know!

Washing & ironing

  • Always good to know: the warmer the washing temperature, the more the items will shrink in the end. Fine, sensitive laundry should always be washed cold and only spun slightly.
  • To prevent jeans from fading , a cap of white household vinegar should be added to the last wash on the first wash. Vinegar sets the color. If the pants smell, just wash them again afterwards. If a pair of jeans has already faded, you can simply wash them together with a new pair of jeans to refresh the color.
  • Only wash cashmere and swimwear by hand using a mild detergent!
    Small washing holes in thin fabrics can be avoided by washing them in an extra laundry bag. This is mostly due to buttons or zippers and other “sharp” edges on pants and jackets.
  • A hair straightener is perfect for ironing tight sleeves.

Clothing Options

  • Wash jeans twice before changing. The material usually runs in a little.
  • If you can no longer make it to the tailor: A hem can be shortened at short notice with double-sided adhesive tape.


  • Sneakers stink ? Then baking soda can help. Simply distribute a bag evenly in the shoes, leave it to work overnight and vacuum it the next day.
  • You can remove odors in the jeans by folding the trousers and freezing them in a plastic bag for two days. It then does not have to be washed.
  • One of the most important fashion tips: If the laundry still smells unpleasant after drying or if it only begins to smell while being worn, you can soak the respective item of clothing in a solution of vinegar essence and water (one cup of essence per gallon of water) for a few minutes. Then wash normally in the washing machine. Caution: In order to ensure that the color does not change, the trick should only be tested on an inconspicuous area for intensive fabric colors and sensitive fabrics.
  • Stain-free clothing can easily be freshened up outside on a hanger. This works best overnight and of course in a covered area.


  • Always dab fresh stains with an absorbent cloth and NEVER rub into the fiber! Always treat the stain from the outside in, otherwise it will be enlarged.
  • Baby powder helps with oil on leather . Leave to work overnight and repeat several times if necessary.
  • Wax stains are removed with blotting paper and an iron.
  • Any water marks on shoes can be removed with a mixture of a little vinegar essence and cold ice water: carefully brush with a bristle brush and leave to dry overnight.
  • Greasy edges on jackets or make-up on shirt cutouts are removed with shaving foam. To do this, simply put a little foam (not gel) on a fine microfiber cloth, squeeze it into the cloth and dab it on the dirty edges. Then moisten the cloth slightly and thereby “clean out” the foam again. After 5 minutes the edges are clean again!
  • White wine actually helps with fresh red wine stains . It neutralizes the color.
  • Buttermilk helps with dry red wine stains! Simply soak the stained clothing in it overnight and then wash it normally.
  • Citric acid from the detergent shelf helps with yellow deodorant stains on white laundry. It must be mixed with water as indicated on the package. Soak the garment in the mixture, then rinse it once by hand and then wash it once in the machine with a mild detergent.
  • Chewing gum in clothing (no leather!) Can be moistened with concentrated washing-up liquid and then placed in warm water for half an hour. If everything is nice and soft, the chewing gum can simply be removed with a washcloth.
  • pile of birds hits us more often than you might think. In order to remove the stain, it is important that the bird droppings dry out completely (unless the clothes are intensely colored, action must be taken here, because bird droppings can fade!). The coarse can then be brushed away with a brush from the outside in. If there is anything left over, a little vinegar essence is added to water and the stain is treated with it. Then wash as usual.


  • Sweaters are lint-free with a pumice stone.
  • Knitwear with knots is neatly folded and stored in a lockable freezer bag in the freezer for about three hours. After that, the nodules can be easily removed. Warning: Do not break the fabric apart with force!
  • There are practical lint brushes on the market as well as electric helpers that simply cut off annoying nodules.


  • We make stones sparkle again with washing-up liquid and a toothbrush.
  • Nylon stockings will not run if you treat them with hairspray before wearing them.
  • If costume jewelry is causing a rash or if it rubs off on the skin, a layer of nail polish will help. If the right color is not available, simply use clear lacquer.


  • Scarves and shawls can be wonderfully knotted and attached to a triangular bracket.
  • Tired of the  unraveling of chains ? Old cutlery boxes made of wood are suitable as hanging jewelry storage on the wall. Simply attach small hooks to it.
  • Boots are neatly stowed in the closet if you use trouser hangers (with two clips) to hang them up.


  • It just fits better with elastane. Pay attention to 5% elastane for shirts, 2% for trousers.
  • After ironing, each item of clothing should cool down on the ironing board for a few minutes before you put it on. Otherwise it could take on a new form.
  • Underpants should be invisible under clothing. Make sure it’s a good fit and the right color. Edges can be avoided with thongs or hipster briefs.
  • If  shoes are too tight  , you can put on the shoes with thick socks and then work them on with a hot hairdryer. Never wet your shoes beforehand!
  • Do you like to wear your leather ballerinas and pumps without socks? Then always stuff them with a soft cloth after wearing them so that the shoe stays in shape.
  • Heat can deform the frame of glasses. Therefore, do not wear them on your head on hot days and put them in a protective hard case for storage.
  • If the new leather jacket is still too hard, it should take part in a downpour. The water makes the surface softer and gives the fabric the opportunity to optimally adapt to your body.
  • If you particularly like to wear a bra, it should be replaced after a year at the latest. Fit and stability does not last past one year.
  • Too much denim to fit inside the boot? Then it often helps to carefully wrap the jeans leg around the leg and pull a long sock over it.


  • When buying blazers and jackets, you should always make  sure that the shoulders fit perfectly  . The tailor can change the sleeve length and the waist size – however, changing the shoulder width is almost impossible.
  • If you  want to buy an  outfit for the next wedding or other big celebration , prepare yourself visually for the shopping trip: Put on the right underwear, wear a similar makeup and style your hair accordingly. So you can see immediately afterwards in the changing room whether everything goes well together.
  • When shopping, you can check whether pearls are real or artificial. To do this, rub it over a tooth. If the surface appears smooth, the pearl is real. If it is rather rough, it is a fake variant.
  • Never buy clothes that you would not care for properly. A cashmere sweater, for example, has to be hand washed. Don’t buy it when you know you won’t.
  • Are you unsure about a part while shopping? Then go home and sleep over it for a night. If you still think about the great piece the next day, you should buy it!

Other useful tips

  • Does the shoe squeak while running? Then the insole has to be removed before you smear some petroleum jelly into the shoe. Then insert the sole again.
  • To  overwinter clothes  , they should always be washed first. Then you stow them in closable hanging bags and either add a bag of lavender, cedar or stone pine pieces. That keeps clothes moths away.
  • Is the sole of your favorite shoe coming off or showing other signs of wear and tear? Find a shoe repair store many issues can be fixed. Just ask!
  • A constantly  sliding zipper  on the pants can be brought into position with a safety clip. To do this, you put the needle through the zipper and then hang the clip over the trouser button.
  • Garter stockings with silicone straps should only be washed with mild detergent and always air- dry so that the silicone does not become brittle.
  • For the big appearance at important celebrations, always choose a classic outfit with which you are sure of the fit. Trends are more for smaller events.

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