Learn to make your cut flowers last longer

If you simply toss your bouquet of flowers in a vase and don’t show it any TLC later on, you won’t enjoy its beauty for too long. With these effective tips you can make your cut flowers last longer – and without too much effort!

Learn to make your cut flowers last longer
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5 simple steps to increase the life of your cut flowers

  1. Once you bring the bouquet home, immediately cut off the ends of the stalks with a sharp knife. It is best not to use scissors, since they may crush the stalk.

  2. You should thoroughly rinse and fill your vase with fresh water before each use.

  3. To keep leaves from rotting, snip off all the leaves that are in the water.

  4. Change the water in the vase daily for best results.

  5. The flowers should ideally be placed in a spot that is away from any heaters or fruit bowls. The flowers should also not be exposed to direct sunlight.

More ideas for your cut flowers

Remove the wilted ones
Once a few flowers have wilted, you can cut off the stalks of the others to make them shorter and place them into smaller glasses or vases. Then arrange them tastefully on a tray. 
Make a bouquet like a professional
You can make a bouquet on your own like professional florists around a strong eucalyptus twig. The important thing is to have an eye-catcher like an opulent peony in the middle. The other flowers are then arranged around it. The stalks should be crisscrossed one on top of the other for more volume and stability. At the end, tie the stalks with a broad ribbon.
Important: The flowers should be arranged at varying heights so that the bouquet doesn’t look boring.
Revamp store-bought bouquets
We’re all too eager to grab that low-priced bouquet at the supermarket checkout. But at home, the same bouquet always looks a bit flimsy and sparse.
With a few green sprigs of varying lengths from the garden or the market, you can increase its volume and create your own customized bouquet!
Try out a few things, experiment. Twigs or branches with berries or grass also look pretty.
A quick small present for your host
Have you been invited and want to quickly get a pretty bouquet? As summer begins, you’ll be sure to find a field somewhere near your place where you can cut flowers yourself and put together a creative bouquet. You can get your start with Gladiola in June, followed later by gerberas, sunflowers and other cut flower varieties. 

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