Ela’s homemade two-minute face scrub

Do you have problems with your skin in cold temperatures? You’re not the only one! Subzero temperatures, cold wind, and dry air from heating are a problem for almost everyone’s skin. It usually starts with dry lips, hands, or face.

Not only is the tight feeling very unpleasant, but dry skin also makes applying make-up a nightmare, as it crumbles and becomes blotchy.

I have a simple, homemade recipe that shows you how to make a simple face scrub yourself. It prepares your skin perfectly for a rich winter care ritual or stunning make-up.

Ela's face scrup recipe

Make your own face scrub from these ingredients

  • Coffee grounds
  • Real honey
  • Brown sugar

A quick note about honey: it is said that this has detoxifying and antibacterial properties. However, that only applies to real honey, as I doubt diluted or watered-down honey would produce these same properties.

So here’s my tip: If you want to make a face scrub yourself, buy your honey from a local beekeeper.

Mixing your face scrub

The face scrub is quick to make, so I would recommend preparing it fresh each time you use it.

For each application, you’ll need a maximum of 2 teaspoons of honey, plus 3 heaped teaspoons of coffee grounds, and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Stir it all into an even paste. If the paste is still too liquid for you, you can thicken it up with a teaspoon of coffee grounds and a teaspoon of brown sugar. If your skin is on the sensitive side, I would recommend using more coffee grounds than brown sugar, as coffee is simply softer.

Ingredients for face scrub

Tips for application

Ela shows her face scrub

After this, apply the homemade scrub to cleansed, non-damp skin and massage in. It’s also wonderful for exfoliating the lips and the hands, as it removes old and dry skin particles.

Make sure your hair doesn’t come into contact with the paste. I would recommend that you leave the face scrub to take effect for a while. Afterwards you can simply wash off the homemade face scrub with lukewarm water. You should not use this more than once or twice a week.

Now your skin is perfectly prepared for further care. Make sure your skin gets enough moisture in winter and is protected in cold temperatures. Our skin types are all different and require individual care. The best thing to do is to make an appointment with a professional beauty salon and get advice there.

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