Clothes made of Lyocell or Tencel — Everything you need to know about this sustainable trend fiber

Lyocell is also referred to as Tencel. The material is very popular in summer because of its positive benefits. Find out more about this great fabric here!

What sort of fabric is Lyocell?

Lyocell is a fiber which is obtained from natural raw materials but is industrially produced. It is made from eucalyptus wood, which comes from sustainably managed forests and plantations.

Lyocell feels pleasantly smooth and is relatively firm. Thanks to its silky feel, it is very soft on the skin and can be used for every conceivable item of clothing.

Lyocell perfectly combines the properties of well-known natural fibers: It cools like linen, warms like sheep’s wool, and is more absorbent than cotton. Lyocell is the new fiber of the future and has even received the European Award for the Environment from the European Union for its sustainable production process.

Natural Lyocell Pants

Lyocell Pants


Round Neck Cotton Tee

What is the difference between Lyocell and Tencel?

To put it simply: there is no difference between Tencel and Lyocell.

Tencel is just the brand name for the fiber Lyocell given by the Austrian company Lenzing. So if you find an item of clothing sold with the Tencel label, this means it is made of Lyocell fiber.

Is Lyocell/Tencel a natural fiber?

Lyocell is a man-made cellulose fiber. This means it is an industrially produced fabric obtained from natural raw materials.
Eucalyptus wood from sustainable forestry is used in the production of Lyocell.

How environmentally friendly is Lyocell?

  • Lyocell fabric is naturally biodegradable.
  • No harmful by-products are generated in the production of Lyocell fabric.
  • The cultivation of eucalyptus wood does not require artificial irrigation or the use of pesticides, as eucalyptus grows particularly fast by nature.
  • The solvent used is not released into the environment as it is recycled again and again in production.
  • The production process is not very time-consuming. In total, it only takes about two and a half hours.
  • Compared to the production of other cellulose fibers, the production of Lyocell consumes significantly less water and energy. For example, Lyocell production consumes only about 1/10 to 1/20 of the water used in the production of cotton.

What are the benefits of clothes made of Lyocell?

A wonderful texture with a pleasant touch

Clothes made of Lyocell stand out thanks to the pleasantly smooth structure, which ensures a silky feel. Lyocell hangs well and is soft, light, and comfortable. This makes Tencel a popular fiber for flowing dresses, shirts, blouses, and wide pants.


Another advantage of Tencel is that it is a particularly breathable fabric. That’s why Tencel fibers are now also used for sportswear.

High moisture absorption

Lyocell is able to absorb and channel away particularly large amounts of moisture. Lyocell absorbs about 50% more water than cotton and releases it directly into the environment, whereas cotton would have to be aired for a long time to achieve the same effect. This ensures a perfect skin climate. A convenient side effect is that because it removes moisture, the fabric is antibacterial and prevents unpleasant odors.

Long lasting

Lyocell/Tencel is durable and does not wear out quickly. It is also very crease-resistant.

Suitable for sensitive skin

The silky surface and good moisture absorption capacity make Lyocell particularly pleasant on sensitive skin.

Lyocell a real all-rounder!

Tencel is now used for many different purposes. Be it dresses, blouses, pants, shirts, or functional clothing, Tencel can be used in any clothing that requires its particular properties. Because of their many advantages, we also like to use Lyocell fibers in our styles.

How do you wash Lyocell/Tencel?

As Lyocell is a rather fine fabric, we recommend washing it at a maximum of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to turn the garment inside out and select the wool or delicates cycle on your washing machine. In most cases, Lyocell is also suitable for tumble drying, but always follow the instructions on the care label. That way, nothing can go wrong!

How do you iron Lyocell/Tencel?

To iron clothes made from Lyocell, we recommend using the lowest setting on your iron that can produce steam. You should also make sure to turn the garment inside out to protect it.
It is important not to choose an ironing temperature that is too high, as this could cause the cellulose fibers to burn.

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