Linen dresses have plenty of benefits

Linen dresses in large sizes are very popular in the warm summer months. This is hardly surprising, given that the natural material allows our skin to breathe, making it especially comfortable to wear. Thanks to its slight sheen, linen always looks elegant and adds a touch of quality to any look.

Linen can absorb up to 35% humidity and therefore makes for ideal summer clothing. It is a natural fiber, obtained from the stems of the flax plant. The fibers have an antiseptic effect and hardly pick up any static charge. Linen also repels dirt very well. The material is processed in a much more environmentally friendly way than cotton.

But linen also has its downsides: It creases quickly, is difficult to iron, and is not very elastic. It is also not particularly easy to dye linen fabrics.

We at Ulla Popken have therefore decided to incorporate a proportion of synthetic fibers in some of our linen dresses in large sizes. The artificial fiber polyamide gives the material better firmness, allowing our customers to enjoy their clothes even more. The material is sensitive to abrasion, so hand washing should be avoided, instead opting for the gentle cycle.

Linen dresses in large sizes

Our linen dresses in large sizes suit all body types. Many are cut slightly flared in an A-shape. They perfectly conceal any padding around the belly and hip area and are thus perfect for A and O body shapes.

If you have an X body shape and want to emphasize your waist, it is best to choose a style with a tie string or belt in the middle of the body.

Straight cut linen dresses balance out larger shoulders if you’ve got a V-shaped body, and they also suit H body types particularly well.

Linen from selection

Discover various different interpretations of this trend material from our premium brand selection by Ulla Popken. We exclusively use fine linen in many of our blouses, long blazers, and dresses, and place a strong emphasis on quality and comfort.

Combining linen dresses

What do you wear with a comfortable linen dress? There are a whole range of options. For a casual feminine look, wear a denim jacket over a linen dress. To make an outfit more elegant, combine the dress with a blazer. This can have a longer cut if you like. A blouson also goes well with a linen dress and is right on trend at the moment.

If you’ve got a simple linen dress, you can create a perfect look with an elegant shawl, a long necklace, or a fine scarf!

The right shoes for the dress

Our linen dresses from size 12 and up are all at least knee-length. Your legs will look longer when worn with shoes with heels. Flat ballerina shoes, on the other hand, will compress your figure somewhat.

If you’re not keen on walking in heels, nude-colored flat shoes are a good choice in summer, perhaps even decorated with details such as bows or sequins. Shoes in light beige tones visually stretch the feet, as they appear to be a continuation of your skin-colored legs.

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