When your tired of being cooped up at home, it is time for a walk outdoors. Do not shy away from wind and weather, because different temperatures and weather conditions make a regular walk so valuable for your well-being and health. We’ll show you which fashion and, above all, which jackets are best suited for your trip outside during the transition period.

Enjoy nature

In spring, in addition to the first rays of sunshine, it is the sprouting buds on the trees and early blossoms of snowbells, tulips and crocuses that put a smile on our faces. If you walk through the woods, you will hear many birds chirping or enjoy the vastness of a dirt road.

In autumn you can watch the falling leaves or stroll rustling through the mountains of leaves on the ground. All of this will help you relax. Take your time for your walk. Enjoy the air.

The knitted fleece jacket as a cozy companion

A jacket made of cozy knitted fleece will keep you warm on your walk. Knit outside, soft fleece inside. You can safely stow your keys and smartphone in the two pockets. They can be closed with a zipper.  

The parka is perfect in inconsistent weather

The parka is a fashionable, longer cut all-purpose jacket. Large pockets, a tie at the waist and a hood give the jacket many practical details .

These features are particularly beneficial when going for a walk. So you can stow tissues, keys and your smartphone perfectly in the pockets or pull on the hood in the event of a sudden drizzle. The longer the parka, the more protected your legs are from the cool wind.

Cardigans fit when the temperature rises

When the temperatures are between 60 ° F and 70 ° C, you often don’t need a jacket at all. Here are sweaters and cardigans open a cozy alternative. Blouse jackets are even lighter .

Going for a walk alone?

You can go for a walk without a dog, friend or partner! Yes, maybe it is a bit strange to walk around comfortably without a bag. You should also not look at your smartphone all the time, but let your gaze wander and enjoy the surroundings.

If you don’t know where to put your hands, take a small bottle of water with you. So you can take a relaxed drinking break in between. 

The transition to hiking or walking is easy

You might also want to go a little faster, roam the uneven terrain! Then don’t forget the right sturdy shoes for hiking. If you want to walk, your Nordic walking sticks should be ready to hand. You may also like to take headphones and your favorite music on your smartphone with you.

Your clothes should definitely fit comfortably and be breathable for these sporting activities. Knit pants give you freedom of movement. Sweat jackets  made of cotton and also many light  fleece jackets  offer this comfort around the top.

In rain and windy weather, it makes sense to have a softshell jacket or even a rain jacket with you. This repels water and wind.

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