Feeling good in the water – from swimsuits to tankinis

Plus-size swimwear is a hot topic year in, year out: When summer arrives, swimming season is once more just around the corner and many plus-size women with feminine curves don’t know what to wear. But that’s no reason to miss out on a refreshing dip in the sea or a lake to cool off. These days, there is a huge range of plus-size swimwear that’s really worth a look, which shows off every curve in its best light. The following swimwear for women with curves can also be found in the latest collections by Ulla Popken.

Classic swimsuits in plus sizes

Swimsuits are the classics of plus-size swimwear. Our plus-size swimsuits give women firm control and lots of support while they swim, in sizes 12 and up. Many of our swimsuits are reinforced on top and in many cases have soft cups and underwiring for support. Not only does this give you a breathtaking cleavage, but it also means your bust is prepared for any situation. Reinforced straps and back sections and high-quality elastic fabrics offer support with every movement and cut an excellent figure in and around the water. Figure-shaping styles sculpt your curves to give you a beautifully defined silhouette.

Swim dresses swirl around wide hips

Swim dresses are all the rage now, as they cover a lot of the body and skillfully hide all those lumps and bumps. A plus-size swim dress is particularly flattering for the belly and thighs. The loose fit is comfortable against the body. As with our swimsuits, the busts on many of our swim dresses also have reinforced straps and padded soft cups to provide support when doing sports. Colorful patterns and all-over prints featuring symbols such as spots, stars, and anchors are currently in vogue in this area of plus-size swimwear. Animal prints are also definitely in.

A tankini conceals your stomach​

If you want to conceal your belly yet stay as flexible as possible, tankinis are your best bet. They are halfway between a swimsuit and a bikini. This two-piece swimwear consists of a pair of panties – which in the case of plus-size swimwear often comes in the form of panties with a wide waistband and a lower cut on the leg – and a top. The top, which goes all the way to the waistband of the panties, usually has a fairly loose cut and falls gently over your curves. And it’s so practical too: when you’re sunbathing, you can simply pull the top up a little, and it still covers your belly as you walk down to the water.

Bikinis draw attention to the upper body

Bikinis emphasize the bust, while leaving the belly uncovered. That’s why a bikini is perfect for anyone who isn’t ashamed of their curves and wants to show them off. The new cuts mean that all women can wear this attractive two-piece swimwear from our plus-size range, even in larger sizes. With their high-cut waistband and wide panty look, the bikini panties in particular get rid of any sign of a belly and unwanted lumps and bumps in no time.

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