Find the perfect workout clothes in plus sizes

Do you think working out is not for you? Not if you have the right clothes! Yet finding the right sportswear can be difficult, especially in plus sizes. After all, workout clothes have to fit well, not pinch anywhere or be restrictive and still look good. Here are a few helpful tips on how to find your perfect sports outfit in plus sizes.

Where, when, and what for?

First of all, think about what you need your workout clothes for. Will you be exercising indoors or out? Will you be doing a gentle workout or going full throttle?

Yoga style

Stretch Knit Top


Yoga Pants

Triple Function Hooded Lined Softshell Jacket

Softshell Jacket


Stretch Joggers



Outdoor sportswear

If you’re mainly going to be working out outdoors, you’ll need sportswear that’s been designed specifically with that in mind.

Your clothes need to be warm yet breathable and good at wicking moisture away – especially in winter. Softshell jackets are ideal, for example. They’re not too thick, so they don’t restrict your movement – but they do offer protection from the cold, wind, and drizzling rain.

Fleece jacket

Fleece Jacket


Stretch Pants

3-in-1 jackets for greater flexibility

For gentle exercise such as walking in very cold weather, you can also opt for a 3-in-1 jacket. This model has a removable fleece inner jacket, for example, meaning you can adapt it so it’s always right for the weather conditions – without having to buy three separate jackets.

Checklist: Outdoor Sport Clothing

  • Should keep you warm but not too hot
  • Must be breathable
  • When working out in the dark pick clothing that is bright or has reflectors
  • Keep items light in weight so you have free range of movement

Indoor sports outfits


Bikini Sport Bra


Stretch Knit Shorts


Stretch Tee

When you’re exercising indoors, you can usually do without a jacket. If you like, you can start off with a light sweater jacket and take it off later once you’ve warmed up. 
Otherwise, the same rules apply for indoor sports clothes: Make sure they are breathable. Nothing is more unattractive than a wet T-shirt that sticks to your body like a second skin.

Pants or Shorts?

Whether you opt for pants or shorts is just a matter of personal taste. What do you feel better in? If you sweat a lot, you’ll want to go for shorts or knee-length pants. If you’re only going to be doing gentle exercise and won’t get hot so quickly, then long pants will be fine too.

Loose or tight clothes?

Loose clothes

  • Good ventilation
  • Covers you up
  • For dancing, walking zumba, etc. …
Tight clothes
  • Plenty of freedom of movement
  • Safer
  • For yoga, pilates, tennis, etc.

Checklist for comfort

Here are the key things to look out for when trying on a new sports outfit:

  • It doesn’t pinch anywhere
  • It isn’t restrictive and you can breathe easily in it
  • You feel good in it
  • You can move freely without anything moving about too much
  • You’re not too cold, not too hot
  • Your pants don’t slip down when you run
  • Your top doesn’t slide up too far when you lift your arms up
  • There’s enough space for a T-shirt or sweatshirt under your jacket
  • Outside: Clothes are bright or reflective

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