There is a great deal of rainy in many areas in the USA. However, few of us have proper rain gear in our closets. Instead, you arrive at work soaked in the rain and wait for hours to finally dry out. Has this happened to you? You probably just accept it because the typical rain jacket is usually not stylish. We want to change that and show you that rainwear can look great too!

Bring color in the rain

Usually we never have bright blue skies and sun in bad weather, so rainy days are cloudy and gray. How about making the day shine with a bright color? Are you not fully onboard with this trend of adding color? Bright colors are known to boost your mood. It’s best to combine a colored rain jacket with a simple outfit. 

You can also integrate a bright rubber boot with your outfit. Not only will you be seen better by other people on the gray days, but you will also look very fashionable. And most importantly: your feet stay dry too!

When you’re on your way to work, just put a pair of everyday shoes in your bag and change your shoes at the office.

The Friesennerz

Probably by far the best tip for a long stay in rainy weather: Wear a slightly longer rain jacket. Some love them, some hate them. But we all know them. The Frisian jacket! But where does the name “Friesennerz” actually come from?

The well-known “Friesennerz” was originally called the reversible weather jacket. That sounds totally boring, doesn’t it? After a few East Frisian jokes, it got its name “Ostfriesennerz” and it has kept it to this day and is familiar to everyone.

In theory, this is actually a waterproof oil jacket that was made for fishermen and sailors before it became famous. In the meantime, the classic yellow jacket with a PVC coating has lost its popularity, as the color was “used up” because almost everyone had one in their closet.

But as we know, everything comes back into fashion at some point, including the Friesennerz!

And because all the well-known trends are being redesigned and designed in a more modern way, this great rain jacket is now available in many colors and patterns. Of course you can also find them here in classic yellow. The combination of several colors on a Friesian jacket is also no longer uncommon. Due to its longer cut , the Friesennerz keeps the rain out better than other jackets and, thanks to a large hood, offers enough protection from your make-up not being smudged.

Do you always have your smartphone with you? Then the Friesian jacket helps here too, because it comes with large, waterproof pockets. So your cell phone and other little things like handkerchiefs or treats between won’t get wet.

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