Stay relaxed and cool at the office

BEAT THE HEAT! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just go out into the sun and enjoy the afternoon with a cool drink? The reality, however, is often quite different: an afternoon lunch in the sun or a quick breather outside or even a short walk sometimes has you uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Our top sticks to our back and our jeans feel twice as heavy and tight as they were when we put them on in the morning. Sound familiar? The heat, the office, the jeans: three things that absolutely do not go well together. But they don’t have to either, because a hot day definitely doesn’t have to go with tight jeans that stick to the body and causes a thin – or perhaps not so thin – layer of sweat to form between our skin and our clothing. So, what do you wear to office on a hot day? Something light and breathable, that’s for sure – but how do you manage that without looking unprofessional or showing too much skin? This article offers the best fashion tips and tricks for what to wear to the office on warm days.

Beat the heat with the overall look

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of office wear on warm days is how to dress appropriately for the professional environment without losing sight of the weather. Whether you’re inside or outside, you don’t want to end up in a pool of sweat. A business look usually calls for covering the shoulders and legs – many companies’ dress codes even require it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have the perfect solution: the overall look.

all black with selection by Ulla Popken




striped blouse with wide pants




Many jumpsuits are impractical because the top and bottom parts are stitched together and are therefore inevitably the same size. Sometimes the top part doesn’t fit properly, other times the pants are tight or uncomfortable while everything fits perfectly up top. The solution? Ulla Popken offers you a range of airy blouses with stylish patterns and matching pants or skirts made of flowing materials. You can now create your favorite overall look ensemble to wear in the office on warm days, in the size that’s perfect for you, from size 12 and above.

Culottes for that breezy fit around the legs

There’s no doubt that summer brings out our love for fashion! What you don’t want, though, is to uncomfortably sweat in jeans or leggings. Since mini dresses and shorts have to wait until you clock out, we must turn to other alternatives. And what could possibly be more perfect than a pair culottes that manage to be both stylish and breezy? That’s right, nothing! These A-line pants don’t just make our legs look nice and sleek, they also check two other boxes: their loose-fitting style and their mostly light material make them more than perfect for hot weather. 

Whether they feature bright patterns or muted shades, culottes are the best alternative to skirts or dresses on warm days in the office (and other times, too). If you’re going for aa summery look, choose lighter colors – they absorb less heat even on the way home.

Culottes go well with loose-fitting blouse-style shirts and casual loafers or slip-ons. And that’s your perfect summer outfit! Alternatively, we can always try out other comfortable pants: Marlene pants or palazzos are longer than culottes and available in Ulla Popken’s summer collection in light and breezy fabrics. Not hot for pants? Midi and maxi skirts are also great office wear options.

Crop pants or capri’s instead of Jeans

Slim fit crop pants with long tunics look particularly elegant in the office. With a little attention to the choice of fabric, you can have the perfect summer look. It’s best to wear pants made of at least 50% cotton, linen or viscose.

Tops and dresses for warm weather

The mantra for the overall look and pants also applies to summer tops and dresses: the lighter and breezier, the better. This is why loose-fitting blouses and tunics are perfect for warm days at the office. They are stylish, can be combined beautifully with culottes and allow enough airflow around the body, allowing it to cool itself off. Chic, wide-cut T-shirts are an airy option in work places where the dress code is not so strict. Are T-shirts not allowed? Then do it the easier way and grab your favorite mini dress from the closet. When paired with pretty sandals, a high-neck dress meets all the requirements of a formal atmosphere, while the freedom around the legs helps you cool off. Worried that it might become too cool in the evening after work? Shirt jackets are the perfect solution. They are light and stylish, and a nice pattern, perhaps a floral print, make them the perfect summery accessory. Great for when you want to go out on the town after work with colleagues.

Make summer at the office easy

Meanwhile, summer shoes are a true walk in the park: anything and everything goes! Well, those pool flip-flops from your last holiday in Mallorca might not be your first choice. Other than that, you’re free to take your pick. Loafers, slip-ons, sandals – anything flat and open is fine for well-groomed feet. Who would want to skid around with sweaty feet in tight lacquered pumps?

Pro tip: pay attention to the shoe material and go for something breathable like linen or real leather. What goes for shoes applies to the rest of the apparel as well. Choosing the right material and fabric will make or break your summer office wardrobe. They help us to stay cool and breezy while also avoiding that thin layer of sweat. That is why it is especially important to pick skin-friendly clothing. Textiles made of natural fibers such as linen, cotton or silk work perfectly. These fabrics feel cool and soft on the skin and, unlike synthetic materials and fibers, keep you feeling fresh.

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