Fashion tips for O-shaped bodies

O-shaped bodies have a clearly pronounced stomach area with comparatively narrow shoulders and hips. People with O-shaped bodies tend to have very slim legs. If you’ve got this body shape, it is a good idea to draw attention to your legs and arms as well as your neck or cleavage.

Typical features of the O-shape:

  • Pronounced stomach area
  • Comparatively narrow shoulders and hips
O-shaped body


  • shirt collar
  • button placket
  • long adjustable button cuff sleeves
  • button flap patch pockets
  • banded hem
  • Size-adjusted length approx. 25¼’ – 28¼’


  • funnel neck collar
  • center front and back seam
  • drop shoulders and long rib knit cuff sleeves
  • rib knit hem
  • soft stretch acrylic blend knit
  • Size-adjusted length approx. 28¼’ – 30¼’

Viscose stretch leggings with an all elatic waist. Effortless and comfortable fit at all times. The silky soft stretch knit feels fabulous on the skin and holds it’s shape. Tested for pollutants.


  • Emphasize your legs, for example with figure-hugging skirts and pants
  • Draw attention to your neckline
  • Empire cuts for tops and dresses
  • Dark fabrics in the stomach area



  • Waist belts
  • Large prints and details at the center of the body
  • Shiny materials or light-colored fabrics in the stomach area

An O-shaped body is also colloquially referred to as an “apple shape”. The middle of their body is noticeably round. To draw attention away from this, it’s best not to accentuate your stomach with eye-catching details like ruffles, glitter, or large prints. Fine patterns and dark colors are the right choice thanks to their concealing effect. 

Opt for A-line or oversized tops

If you want to conceal your midriff a little, long tunics, shirts, and A-line dresses are just the thing. Many of them have a wide fit around the stomach and hips. Trendy oversized styles are also absolutely ideal. What matters is that a wide-fitting top draws attention to your legs with tight fitting styles. This really gives you a feminine silhouette.

Make sure you don’t deliberately accentuate your midriff with a particularly light color if the rest of your outfit is rather dark. Light colors tend to appear somewhat bulky and make the body look fuller in that particular area.

Attract attention to the neckline, arms, and legs

V-necks and waterfall necklines suit O-shaped bodies particularly well. They draw the eye to the neck and cleavage, away from the problem stomach area.

Bangles, eye-catching watches, or special sleeve cuts such as wide cuffs or trumpet sleeves are great for drawing attention to slim wrists if you have an O-shaped body.

But your most important assets are your legs! Show some leg and accentuate your ankles, for example with 7/8 pants or 3/4 pants. Look out for decorations and accessories on the hems of pants and skirts. On the whole, tight pants or styles with eye-catching patterns are the best choice.

Another tip: Tone-on-tone looks will visually elongate your figure. This is an effect that can also be achieved with high heels.


The narrowest part of the upper body is the line between the stomach and chest, known as the empire line—and not just in O-shaped bodies. This can be accentuated with pretty accessories such as narrow ribbons with bows or eye-catching seams. Empire dresses draw attention to precisely this line. They disguise the stomach below this line with light and loose fabrics.

The fit of your underwear is very important

perfectly fitting bra is a must for O-shaped bodies. An underwired bra or cup bra fits best. It lifts the breasts naturally and makes the slim Empire line directly under the breasts stand out more.

We have a whole host of underwired bras available in various designs.

Distract from problem zones with details and accessories

If you’ve got an O-shaped body, there are a few other tricks you can use to accentuate your cleavage other than just a beautiful neckline. Decorations such as brooches and special necklaces as well as patterned scarves show this area in a good light. To prevent your upper body from appearing too bulky, try to break up this look with a long chain. You will see just what an effect can be achieved with even small accessories! 

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