Give wide hips the wow factor with an A-shaped body

People with A-shaped bodies have hips that are significantly wider and more pronounced than their upper body. This body shape is therefore often referred to as a “pear shape”. An A-shaped body has a very feminine form with pronounced curves, which you can show off wonderfully. We’ll tell you the secret to visually balancing out a fuller lower body with a few clever tricks. 

Detract attention from the hips​

There are a few tricks you can use to make sure your wider hip area isn’t always in plain view by drawing attention to your neckline instead. It’s quite simple, actually: choose light fabrics, eye-catching patterns, or stylish details such as sequins on the upper body area or just around the neckline. You can even make the neckline itself catch the eye, simply by wearing pretty necklaces or chains.  Minimize the appearance of your lower body with dark colors and less striking clothing. Avoid wearing particularly tight-fitting pants and skirts.


  • Distinctive hip area
  • Comparatively narrow shoulders
  • Petite upper body
  • Flat stomach
A-shaped body fashion tips


  • Large prints and details at shoulder and chest height
  • Layered looks
  • Dark-colored fabrics for pants and skirts
  • Light-colored fabrics on the upper body
  • A-line styles
  • Draw attention to your neckline


  • Waist belts
  • Striking details or light-colored fabrics around the hips
  • Tight skirts and pants
  • Short tops

Styling tip for an A-shape: the layered look

Distract from your hips in a playful way by combining a longer top like a trendy shirt or tunic with a shorter indoor jacket or cardigan. This also works if the lower layer is shorter than the upper one. It gives the area a more relaxed look and at the same time stylishly draws attention to your deliberate choice of patterns and colors. This layered look also has the major advantage that you can simply take off the top layer if it gets too warm in the office, for example.

Boiled Wool Look Raglan Sleeve Zip Front Jacket

Leaf Print A-line Fit Stretch Knit Top

Leather Look Elastic Waist Stretch Jeggings

Tip: Save yourself the effort of choosing the right combination of tops by wearing practical 2-in-1 shirts with the top and cardigan already sewn together and thus perfectly coordinated.

Opt for A-line styles

A-line dresses and tops are perfect for flattering wide hips. As the name suggests, the style is cut in a flared shape from top to bottom.

A-shaped bodies should emphasize the chest and shoulders

Make sure your outfits focus not only on the neckline but also on your chest and shoulders! From puff sleeves to ruffles, from boat necks to Carmen tops, if you’ve got an A-shaped body, you can wear anything that accentuates the upper body. Overcut shoulders make the upper body appear somewhat wider, just like most horizontal striped patterns.

Eye-catching prints or shiny fabrics also look fantastic with your figure because they attract attention and distract from a larger stomach and wide hips. If you wear a plain top, you can direct attention with a pretty scarf, shawl, or fashionable loop.

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