How A-line dresses conceal wide hips

An A-line dress has a slightly flared cut starting from chest height. It thus cleverly covers a fuller body and wide hips. Find out here how best to style this useful garment and what variations the different models offer.

Knee-length A-line dresses

If you want to hide a little excess padding around your stomach and focus on your legs instead, knee-length A-line dresses are the perfect choice. When creating a style, you can visually lengthen the leg by choosing tights and shoes in the same color. If you wear shoes with heels, the effect will be even stronger. 

Are you proud of your cleavage? Then direct attention to this area! Details around the neckline such as special edges made of lace, for example, as well as a V-shaped neckline, emphasize and lengthen the neck. This also works great with accessories like a pretty necklace. However, it should not be too tight around the neck.

Long A-line dresses

There are also longer A-line dresses available if you don’t like showing your knees. These are often calf length. Pumps go best with a calf-length A-line dress. 

Longer A-line dresses are especially popular for evening wear. They cover the lower body completely and only allow a glimpse of the leg through long slits on the sides or on the back every now and then when walking.

A-line tops

In addition to A-line dresses, there are, of course, plenty of tops with a figure-flattering A-line cut. These A-line shirts or tunics are ideal when combined with tight pants. This cleverly frames your belly and hips and show your legs in their best light.

Our customers especially love long-cut A-line tops, which also hide strong thighs.

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