How To Style A Tulle Skirt

Looking for something new and memorable to add to your closet? Look no further than the elegance of a tulle skirt. Reminiscent of a ballerina tutu without any ballet tights in sight, tulle skirts accentuate your personality while out for brunch, heading to a work conference, or strutting your stuff on a Friday night out. There’s truly no place a tulle skirt can’t go. Keep reading to learn more about tulle, why you should give a tulle skirt a try, and nine ideas for tops you can pair with your new tulle skirt.

What is tulle?

If you’ve never even considered buying a tulle skirt before, there’s plenty of reasons to give this style a spin:

  • They’re lightweight. For all their fullness, tulle skirts don’t pack on weight. They remain light and comfortable all day long. Just be careful when you sit, as this fabric can snag on jagged surfaces.
  • They’re different. Unlike a denim skirt or a plain cotton skirt, tulle skirts bring a whole new world of outfits to the table. Great for going out and cute for special events, tulle skirts jazz up a mundane piece of clothing.
  • They’re so cute! Did we mention how cute tulle skirts are? This nod looks feminine without being too girly, tapping into that dancer, ballerina aesthetic without looking like a tutu.

What tops go with tulle skirts?

Half the battle is finding the best shirt to wear with a tulle skirt. Below are eight shirt types you can try out to complete this awesome new look.

Fitted tops

Tulle brings volume to a skirt. This looks best when balanced out with a fitted tee on top that won’t add to the bulkiness or puffiness that tulle can bring. Let the tulle skirt shine and try wearing it with a tucked-in, slim fit tank or a basic cotton tee. To lean further into a balanced look (and a nod to the skirt’s dancer roots), try this fitted top and tulle skirt combo with a pair of ballet flats.

Denim tops

You may not think of denim and tulle as a natural pairing, but this kind of shirt brings a fun and funky twist to a normally-delicate tulle fabric. Tuck in a plus size button down denim shirt into a black tulle skirt or a white tulle skirt to bring an atypical edge to such a soft look.

Off-the-shoulder tops

Double down on the ultra-feminine feel of tulle with a soft off-the-shoulder top. Ulla Popken’s Carmen Style Shirt has a gathered elastic neck that’s perfect for off-the-shoulder styling, while the straight sleeves don’t detract from the uniqueness of the shirt’s neckline and the fullness of the tulle fabric.

Sequin tops

Love to lean into the glam? A sequin top is just the ticket. The sparkle and shine of sequin adds even more femininity to this already-feminine look. Try matching a silver sequin tank to black tulle or pink tulle for a look that fully embraces your feminine side. Feeling super festive? A dress with a sequin top and a tulle layered full skirt bottom flawlessly mimics this look in a single piece of clothing!

Striped tops

Like denim, a striped shirt may not be the first top type that comes to mind — after all, there’s already a lot going on with tulle — why detract from it? However, when styled right, stripes make a great addition to a tulle skirt. Check for colors that match or at least are in the same family, to ensure you pull off this look. Don’t forget to tuck it in — this keeps the whole outfit neat and tidy from head to toe.

Button-down shirt

Don’t discount the classic button down! This kind of shirt brings a unique, professional polish to a skirt that may seem too out of place in some settings. This “smart casual” look is now set for the office. You can even combine two of these top looks into one by tucking a denim button down shirt into your tulle skirt.


It may seem counterintuitive to pair a high-necked shirt with a skirt that’s typically below the knee, but you can pull off this cute statement look! The form-fitting cut of a turtleneck balances out the “bigness” of a tulle skirt well. Plus, the higher neck and longer sleeves take this look into the fall and winter. Try this plus size 100% cotton turtleneck for the perfect match. Don’t forget a statement necklace to wear over your turtleneck.

V-neck shirt

A fabric as dramatic as tulle is designed to be the main focus of your outfit. Keeping your top simple, like a basic V-neck, lends itself to guiding all eyes to the tulle skirt you want to take center stage. Just like the fitted tee we mentioned above, pair this tulle skirt with simple flats or dressy sandals, depending on the weather.


Leather jackets, vegan leather jackets, and denim jackets all add a rough and tumble element to such a gentle fabric. The two juxtapositions come together flawlessly, bringing tulle skirts out of the realm of the Nutcracker and into a whole other arena. Try this look with a plain black tee and a plus size denim jacket, or try on a vegan leather biker-inspired jacket with a striped shirt for an even tougher look.

There’s no reason not to rock a tulle skirt

You may be worried that you won’t be able to pull off a tulle skirt. Rest assured that you can! What matters most is that you feel beautiful, confident, and like you can take on the world when you put together a new outfit. Whether that’s the hyper-feminine combo of sequins and tulle or you’re more at home with the edginess of a denim shirt or vegan leather jacket, we at Ulla Popken offer a full family of options for you to choose from. Explore our line of plus size tulle skirts and try on your favorites today!

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