How To Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Pairing the right jeans with that cute new pair of ankle boots may take a bit of prep to style, but the results are fabulous. Your jeans should hit in all the right places, letting your cute shoes shine as the perfect accessory to this seamless look. Whether you’re dressing for a day at the office or a night on the town, the Ulla Popken guide on how to wear ankle boots with plus size jeans can help you try out this style staple.

How do you wear jeans with ankle boots?

Ankle boots are truly timeless and aren’t bound to any season. Of course, they’re perfect for fall and spring, but they have their place in the coldest and hottest months, too: Jean shorts can look just as good with ankle boots as a jacket and scarf.

That being said, it’s not as simple as tossing on your clothes and walking out the door. Assembling just the right jeans-with-ankle-boots combo takes some tips to style right. Here’s how you wear ankle boots with jeans:

  • Consider wide width ankle boots, or shoe styles with some stretch. If you have wide calves, ankle boots with high or medium height shafts may be more difficult to style, especially if you want to tuck in your jeans. Ankle boots with stretch in the shaft, or a boot designed with wider calves in mind, may be better options.
  • Try cuffing your jeans. Straight leg jeans are perfect for turning up and showing just a bit of boot. To cuff your jeans, fold up the hem at least two times so it stays in place. You can keep folding up until your jeans look just how you want them to look. If you don’t like the casual look of an inside-out seam, try tucking the hem under to make them appear cropped.
  • Consider the jean style and shoe style. Not all jeans are a perfect match to all boots. For example, if you want to rock a 70s-inspired flared jean, try an ankle boot with a pointed toe to help balance out all that extra denim.

What should you not wear with ankle boots?

When it comes to ankle boots, it’s less about what not to wear and more about what not to do. Here are our tips on what to avoid when styling ankle boots.

  • Don’t force a flared jean. Ankle boots can go from sleek to sloppy if your jeans are bunched up. Don’t try to squeeze extra fabric into the shaft of your ankle boot if you want to try out the tucked-in look. Stick with skinny jeans if you want to tuck them in.
  • Wear the right length. The gap between your jeans ankle boots should look deliberate, not accidental. Look for cropped jeans or a shorter inseam to pull off this look. At Ulla Popken, many of our plus size jeans come in short, regular, and long lengths, so you can choose the best fit for your body.
  • Take care to balance how much skin is showing. There’s a “sweet spot” when balancing ankle boots with the hem of your clothing. Too little skin defeats the purpose of that “peekaboo” look, while too much skin looks unkempt. While there is no precise number of inches to measure, take care that there’s balance between looking stylish and looking strange.

Looking for inspo? Try these 3 looks

With the right styling dos and don’ts in mind, you can head to your closet and start experimenting with some of these new looks. Here are some of our favorites for you to try:

Skinny jeans and ankle boots

Sorry, Gen Z – skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere! Tapered legs are perfect for tucking into a cute ankle boot for a streamlined look that makes your shoes the star of the show. Try topping off your outfit with an airy printed blouse for a casual look, or try a textured jacket over a T-shirt for dinner and drinks.

Bootcut jeans and ankle boots

This classic paring is a guaranteed go-to for virtually any occasion. Finish your outfit with a button down shirt and a classic black blazer for an event that requires a bit of extra polish, or try it with a comfy patterned shirt that’s just right for brunch with the girls. Be sure to keep in mind our styling tips above to ensure that this look is pulled off without a hitch.

Wide leg pants or jeans with ankle boots

If you’re on the shorter side, the idea of wide-leg pants may have you running for the hills. But a wide leg is nothing to fear: It’s another great way to rock your ankle boots. Try out a cropped wide-leg pant and pair them with an ankle boot that screams “I’m here!” A unique standout animal print or shiny rhinestone upper are sure to stand out as you strut your stuff.

Style ankle boots with Ulla Popken plus size jeans

Stepping into something new isn’t always easy, but you don’t know until you try! The right outfit for nearly any everyday occasion is within reach when you go for jeans with ankle boots. From breakfast meetings to Saturdays spent shopping, this classic combo can be dressed up or down so you strike the right tone the moment you step out.

For comfortable, confidence-boosting bottoms, check out Ulla Popken plus size jeans. Available in short, regular, and long lengths, Ulla Popken jeans boast styles, options, and materials that showcase your curves. Not sure where to start? Explore our denim fit guide to learn about our options and find the best fit for you.

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