How to wear plus sized leggings

Are you thinking leggings won’t be flattering on plus size women? We will show you that this isn’t true. In fact, leggings have slimming qualities that can benefit you and flatter your figure and curves. This is especially true for dark and neutral colors such as blacks and browns. Leggings are versatile to combine with other pieces. They can be worn as stylish outerwear; as a layer underneath your outfit when it gets colder, as athletic wear, as undergarment, and even for figure control. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to wearing plus size leggings. We have summarized the most important tips on how to wear plus size leggings and how to combine them to create a stunning look for every occasion.

How to wear plus size LEGGINGS: the basics

High quality of plus size leggings

Whichever ones you choose, make sure they are made of high quality fabrics, that they are decently opaque, slim-fitting.

The right thickness of the leggings is extremely important. Consider their opaqueness and choose a fabric that does not allow the legs to show through. Otherwise it would leave blotchy patches, which creates an unattractive and uneven look to your legs. Instead, go for thick materials, as the heavy ones have a few advantages for plus size women. They will minimize the appearance of cellulite and prevent the underwear from being visible. Thick fabrics can also give the legs a smooth look.

In addition to the leggings thickness, having extra stretch will add even more comfort, but make sure it’s not too much. The plus size leggings need to hold you in, smooth out any lumps and bumps without losing their shape. A high, wide waistband could also help to give you a well-shaped, sexy look.

Find the right size of your plus size leggings

There is one more thing that needs to be considered before we go into the details of how to wear plus sized leggings. Choosing the right size. It is important to find leggings with the right fit. 

While finding the right size and fit that will not cut into your waist is key. By finding the right size and fit you can eliminate creating an unflattering figure. Leggings are supposed to create a slim and smooth outline on your figure. Choosing leggings that are too tight or too loose can cause a you too look larger in some instances. 

To make sure you find the right size for your plus size body, consider your measurements as indicated by our size charts below.

Styling tips on how to wear PLUS SIZED LEGGINGS

Consider the length of your top

You can pair your leggings with a lot of different pieces. Our advice is to avoid tops that are too tight or too short. If you have a few extra pounds, a comfortable top that leaves a little room to wiggle could be the right choice for you. To combine your plus size leggings in the most flattering way, go for a top that hits at the hip or below. Tunics, cardigans, long shirts, baggy tops, dresses, and oversized sweaters also look great with leggings.

Wear slimming colors

To wear leggings plus size in an optimal way, you can also use colors to create a stylish and beautiful look. In winter, you can go for darker colors like black, charcoal gray, dark brown or navy leggings. The shades not only make a great backdrop for a pretty top, they also help slim your bottom half.

Although you can wear black plus size leggings also in summer, they can look and feel very hot. In this case our tip is to try white jeggings. These are more popular than white leggings because they are not heavy and more opaque.

For a tall and slim appearance try a monochromatic look such as all black or all navy. But make sure that you vary the textures to keep solid color outfit from looking boring. If you like to dress more colorfully you can wear a light or bright top with dark plus size leggings. That will draw more attention to your gorgeous face.

Avoid clunky footwear

To know how to wear leggings plus size in the right way also includes choosing the right shoes. Ballet flats, smoking slippers, slides, mules, flat or low sandals, sneakers, booties and many more look great with them. You can also go for statement sneakers, which fit very well for a sporty look. But you should avoid wearing clunky shoes like sky-high skinny stilletos.

Feel comfortable

After all, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes. You have to want to wear plus size leggings to look good in them. If you feel more like other pieces that flatter your curves, check out our variety of plus size clothes.

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