Straighten frizzy hair – This is how it works!

A natural curl is a blessing for some – but many people are completely annoyed by this unruly, difficult to control hair and resort to a number of means to be able to straighten frizzy hair. Unfortunately, not every anti-frizz styling cream and every smoothing shampoo shows the desired effect and does not straighten the hair consistently and for a long time. Therefore, one should first understand why the hair reacts this way.


The causes of frizzy hair

You can’t get healthy hair on your own. There are many small things to consider so that the head of hair shines and falls as you imagine it. For the daily hair care routine you should have a brush with natural bristles . It glides gently through the hair and does not cut the individual hair fibers.

paddlebrush is particularly suitable for blow-drying . This allows you to gently dry the lengths by repeatedly brushing from top to bottom . If you want to straighten frizzy hair with the blow dryer, you can choose a large round brush to shape the hair (it should already feel almost dry). The hair dryer should have a cold setting so that after the heat supply, each strand can be blown cold again. This keeps the shape longer and the hair gets more shine.

First: remove silicone from hair

Frizzy hair is usually very dry. If agents that contain alcohol are used for styling, they will dry out further. In order to strengthen the hair fiber, the hair’s own fiber components such as keratin (90% of the hair consists of keratin!) Must be added. This stabilizes and repairs the structure of each individual hair. The result is more gloss and smoothness .

When buying shampoo, conditioner, etc., care should be taken to ensure that they do not contain any silicone . This is particularly often the case with smoothing agents, because at first glance the unruly hair really looks healthier and shinier. Although silicone provides shine, it literally “glues” the entire scalp and prevents care substances from penetrating to the hair. In the long run, they only put a strain on our hair and lead to gradual dehydration.

In order to wash off existing silicone layers, it is advisable to use a single cleaning shampoo which washes down all deposited residues. After that, a high-quality care mask must urgently be applied to the hair, which closes the softened and opened cuticle again. You can tell when you touch your hair: it feels very straw-like after washing. The mask gives the hair a nice suppleness again.

So that the care mask (preferably with keratin and without silicone!) Can work optimally, you should wrap a towel around the carefully creamed hair and leave the agent in the hair longer. Due to the warmth under the towel, the care ingredients penetrate the hair well. A gentle shampoo with a suitable conditioner is sufficient for regular care. A hair mask can be used once a week .

After washing, the hair is only squeezed out with the towel and not rubbed through. Rubbing in turn destroys the hair structure!

Do not overdo with care and styling products

A lot doesn’t necessarily help a lot. Too many creams, sprays and mousses in the hair only weigh it down so that it lies flat against the top of the head. It can also happen that the hair looks greasy and unkempt again despite the hair washing with the styling agents. A single anti-frizz product with keratin components is distributed in towel- dampened hair. In addition, heat protection is urgently needed to protect against heat from the hairdryer or treatment with the straightening iron. This is already integrated in many anti-frizz products, so take a close look at the instructions on the packaging.

You should not use a hairspray , because it basically contains alcohol and thus dries out the hair. If you need support, it is best to choose appropriate heat protection with strengthening properties.

Be careful with too much heat when straightening

Today’s bathrooms are unimaginable without straightening irons. They have become a real addition to the tried and tested hair dryer. The straightening iron gives even hair that is already straight, a lacquer-like portion of shine – perfect if you want to straighten frizzy hair. But where does this shine come from? It seals the cuticle and creates a mirror-smooth hair surface. When buying a straightening iron or curling iron, it should be noted that the surface does not heat up indefinitely and thus burn the hair.

There are devices that can be used to set the temperature. Ceramic-coated products are generally gentler on the hair . One more rule must be observed: the hair should already feel dry when straightened. Wet hair is much more sensitive to heat than dry hair. So pre-dry well beforehand (letting it air dry is always better than wildly swirling blow-dryer air!)

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