When the first rays of sunshine appear, out of the closet comes – the Bermuda short. It is no secret that these style shorts are not only practical, but can also look trendy. We’ll show you a few simple steps you can use to create radiant, beautiful looks with your Bermuda short!


Bermudas are in abundance. But which Bermuda do you wear for which occasion? And how do make it work?

Elegant Look

Bermudas made of soft, flowing materials such as viscose, with wide legs, create a chic look. Paired with details such as crepe or pleating, they give your outfit an extra touch of elegance. Bermuda shorts are an ideal combination partner for classic looks, especially in white or black. Blouses and tunics made of smooth textures that go perfectly with this chic look!


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The all-rounder: Denim

The most common type of Bermuda shorts are denim, because these work for every occasion. Whether it is a shopping spree, a picnic in the park or a visit to friends – with the Bermuda in denim look you are ready for anything. In addition, it is a real all-round talent. Casual with a T-shirt, chic with a tunic or a summery blouse – denim Bermuda shorts are the perfect basis for a wide variety of fashionable looks.


Denim Shorts


Denim Shorts


Denim Bermuda Shorts


Denim Bermuda Shorts

Perfect for sunny weather

Bermuda shorts are a classic piece of clothing for warm summer days. So it goes without saying that you can’t forget to pack these for vacation. Airy fabrics and comfortable cuts also make the Bermuda an ideal partner for the beach. 


Bermuda Shorts

Styles suitable for everyday use

Dotted or striped, plain or gaudy – Bermudas offer a diverse selection of colors and patterns to create your individual style.

We especially love the combination with white sneakers and casual tops. 


Bermuda Shorts



It's getting cozy here

Comfortable cuts and soft materials, make Bermuda shorts ideal for lazy hours on the couch.

Whether as nightwear with delicate lace details or as loungewear in a soft, flowing viscose quality – Bermudas ensure an ultimate feel-good factor.

2 Pack of Bras

2 Pack of Bermuda Shorts


Bermuda Shorts

A sporty note

Bermuda shorts that are made of soft jersey and have stretch comfort, have your ready for your next fitness session. The comfortable fit gives you freedom of movement and coverage for your workout.

If you find the jersey shorts in bright colors, you can combine them with matching colored tops. In cooler weather, add a sweat jacket and your outfit is ready! 

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