Straight body shape with small curves: the H-shape

Are your shoulders about as wide as your hips? And do you have a flat bottom and hardly any waist? If this is you, you are someone who has an H-shaped body. This article will show you how to make the most of your body and create feminine curves through targeted styling.

H-shaped body fashion

Rhinestone Shoulder Accent V-Neck Knit Dress

What are the key features of an H-shaped body?

The H-shape is one of the most common body shapes in women. It is characterized by a straight body type. Women with this body shape often feel unfeminine because they lack curves in key places. With the help of specially selected clothing, you can still give your H-shaped body a feminine style.


  • Small waist
  • Straight body shape, no pronounced curves
  • Small breasts
  • Flat bottom
H-shaped figure

How to conjure up curves

Many women with an H-shaped body want to create feminine curves with their clothing. It makes sense to accentuate the upper or lower body to add some feminine curves to the straight H-shaped female figure. This can be achieved by

  • either visually widening the shoulders and hips,
  • or drawing attention to the waist.

Perfect for the H body type

You can create curves by specifically combining voluminous and figure-hugging fashion. For example, try pairing an oversized top with skinny jeans or a tunic with overcut shoulders with trendy jeggings.

Of course, this style works the other way round, too: a tight glitter shirt paired with paperbag pants looks wonderfully feminine! But make sure you tuck the shirt into the waistband. A flared maxi skirt also creates volume on your lower body and goes great with a figure-hugging top.

But beware: never combine volume with volume!


Even if you don’t have a pronounced waist, you should still try to accentuate it. This can be done with belts or styles that are fitted at the waist. Fitted blazers are ideal for this.Highlight your waist

Asymmetrical details create visually beautiful feminine curves. We’ve got a whole host of elegant tops with the perfect cut—for example at the collar, in the drapes or at the neckline. Asymmetrical details create visually beautiful feminine curves. We’ve got a whole host of elegant tops with the perfect cut—for example at the collar, in the drapes or at the neckline.



Need just a touch more femininity? Then wear a pretty necklace over a plain top or visually lengthen your neck with intricate earrings. Jewelry is always a good idea if you’ve got an H-shaped body!
Wear jewellry

Use patterns and colors selectively

Feminine patterns and prints are also a good idea to bring more feminine features to your outfit! This is especially true of romantic floral prints or pink or red patterns. Of course, the whole look doesn’t need to be made up of these prints. You can also just use them to add some accents. This effect can even be achieved with a scarf or loop or perhaps with a patterned bag.

Good to know: The eye is always drawn first to anywhere with bright colors. 


Chiffon dress

Which tops suit H-shaped bodies particularly well?

boat neckline at the top and decorations at the shoulders make the shoulders look wider. Pretty V-necks or larger round necklines also look feminine. Flounces on the sleeves or frills have a similar effect.

Try out whole new looks and ask your best friend for her opinion. We’ve got a selection of suitable styles for you to order, so why not have a little fashion show in your own home?

Romantic patterns for more femininity

Open Front Ribbed Trim Cardigan Sweater

Tiny Leaf Print Flounce Sleeve Crepe Dress

Perfect skirts and pants for feminine forms

When choosing skirts, women with an H-shaped body should make sure to wear A-shaped styles. This means they should be narrow at the waist and slightly flared towards the hips. When it comes to pants, casual chinos, chic pleat-front pants, and pants with prints are perfect for achieving the desired effect. A high waistband like in paperbag pants automatically emphasizes your waist!

More styling highlights for H-shaped bodies

You’re probably wondering which jacket is suitable for your body shape. Even though it has a straight cut, we would recommend a trenchcoat. What makes this type of coat so special are its patch pockets and waist belt. These can be used to accentuate a waist that is not very pronounced.

Your style should always have just a few eye-catching accessories as a focus: statement necklacesearringsscarves, and shawls with striking prints attract attention. Another styling tip for H-shaped bodies is to tuck tops into tight-fitting skirts or pants to create a focal point and emphasize your center. Styles with a high waistband automatically draw attention to your waist.

Simply put,

the ideal styles for H-shaped bodies should have the following:

  • puff sleeves,
  • tops with V-neck or scoop neck,
  • A-line dresses and skirts,
  • pants with a high waist,
  • large patterns,
  • ruffles at the neckline,
  • flounces on the sleeves,
  • decorations in the waist, shoulder, and neckline areas.

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