There are so many beautiful shades of red: fuchsia, burgundy, purple, orange-red … no other color is so full of power and passion. In addition, red works for every woman and is easy to mix and match.

Bright red for every women

First of all, we believe: Every woman can wear red! This sensual color gives strength and warmth at the same time. No wonder we just feel comfortable in it.

Which shade of red for which color type?

Certain shades of red look good when you have the right complexion. For a cool complexion harmonize with blue-toned colors, warm complexions should harmonize with colors that have a brown or orange shade.

  • Earthy reds: Suit all women with fair complexions and light hair.
  • Reds with an orange tone: Orange has a warm effect, these colors look great if you are a warm color types. If you enjoy wearing gold jewelry, you are one of those types.
  • Red with a pink component or a purple cast: cool color types that tend to prefer silver jewelry have an advantage here.
  • Wine-red shades: Since deep red tones usually have a slight bluish cast, women with a cool complexion are suited in these shades.

Red has a signal effect

As beautiful as the color red may be – you shouldn’t overdo it. Strong minded people may feel stressed at the sight of such an alarming color. On the other hand, red can also have an invigorating effect and provide more energy . Here you have to consider what goals you are pursuing, how you want to come across and whether a red outfit is appropriate and useful for the moment or not.

Wearing red in business

If you wear red in the office, you automatically become a stand out. Better to use the color sparingly. In addition to allover red, simple red stripes, dots or patterns are also a way to wear red but stand out less.

You can combine neutral colors such as gray, white, beige, cream, black and navy
and still look stylish! If you just want to add a little red to your outfit, you can choose pumps, a belt or a scarf as an accent.

Casual styles with red

In everyday life you can’t go wrong with fashion in red. A red blouse with casual blue jeans or a red tee with cozy jogging pants – you can even wear it allover as a dress if you like to be the center of attention!

Make sure the look doesn’t get too bright: bright yellow and red look very bold in combination, if you like these attention getting colors, go for it! But: Certain greens and reds don’t go well together, so watch what you mix. In general, you can happily combine whatever you like. The color red is a very good partner for almost any color!

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