The orange color trend has been with us since autumn 2020. No wonder that fashion in the various color shades is so popular: Every color type can wear orange and the color can be combined very well! From delicate tones in coral to bright colors, there is always something for different tastes. 


Orange is a very powerful, bright color. It stands for energy and warmth. You can harmonize all warm tones with orange. These include yellow and red, cognac and also warm brown.

Cool colors always have a slight bluish cast, pink and purple, for example. In general, orange tones look good when they turn out to be a little bit blue or gray. It is best to let your gut decide which combination goes well together for you.  

You can always wear orange with black, gray and white . The combination of bright orange and plain white works particularly well in summer. Restrained pastel tones such as cream or light yellow also look very feminine and fresh in an outfit with orange.

Our  orange plaid jacket  show in a variety of different ways by various influencers:

Fresh looks in tangerine

Spice up your casual style with the color trend orange, for example with a sweater in mandarin or choose a colorful softshell jacket in the soft tone. Mandarin is actually a rather cool shade of orange with a slight blue cast. The colors purple and pink go particularly well with this. Light blue also harmonizes wonderfully with tangerine.

Contrast Zipper Triple Function Softshell Jacket
Function Softshell Jacket
Pintuck Micro Dot V-Neck Stretch Tee
V-Neck Stretch Tee
Embroidered Floral Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Pumpkin has a yellow tinge

A little more yellow comes into your look in the color “pumpkin”. Pumpkin is especially good for the  autumn type  or other color types when the complexion is tanned. 

Orange kisses pink at coral

A soft orange with a touch of pink – that makes coral . The color is a hit with many customers, especially in summer. It makes you want to go on vacation in  the sun, sea and sand. If you paint your fingernails in this beautiful shade, you give your look the finishing touch!


Those who are daring in fashion can dare to go for a full-body look with the orange color trend, for example by opting for an orange overalls.

If that is a little too much for you, you can only select accents with the trend color . You can do this easily with a bright orange bag, chic shoes or a scarf.

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