I’m right this way

Ideal body measurements, waist size and size zero – these are all just hollow words without deeper meaning. Self-love, self-confidence and accepting your body have nothing to do with your clothing size. This is why, at Ulla Popken, we will devote ourselves from now on to making sure that every woman knows: “I’m right this way” – a motto which successful plus-size models and influencers such as Carina Behrens or Verena Prechtl already live by. It is precisely because of their curves that they feel good in their own skin. In line with the “I’m right this way” promotional campaign by Ulla Popken, we give interviews, tipps and provide inspiration. We demonstrate what it means to be proud of your body. You don’t need to feel bad about yourself or hide away from the world. After all, you are unique and just fine as you are. Knowing this makes you strong.

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True Size, True Self


is what you make of it

Can bodies be right or wrong? We believe the answer is: No. They all deserve to be loved – no matter how much or little they resemble the supposed ideals. Learning to look at our body with love can change our lives. It means seeing beauty and feeling self-love.

This is why from now on we will do all we can to show you: I’m right this way. We look forward to taking this journey together with you.