Linen: The perfect summer fabric

As it starts to heat up, many of our customers eagerly turn their eyes to linen items. It’s no surprise because this natural fiber has a number of positive characteristics that offer particular benefits during the summer, such as being incredibly comfortable.

What is the difference between cotton and linen?

Cotton and linen can be distinguished based on just their appearance. Cotton has a matte appearance and is extremely soft and fairly neutral in terms of temperature. Linen, on the other hand, has a light sheen, a rather coarse and stiff texture and is cool to the touch. Also, linen fabrics may often have small random “knots” where the threads have formed clusters. Cotton fabrics generally look smooth throughout.

The two materials are made of completely different plant fibers. Linen is made of flax fibers and is therefore much more durable and tear-resistant than cotton.

Linen Blouse
Short Sleeve Linen Blouse
Linen Fruit Print Dress
Fruit Print Linen Dress

Benefits of linen fashion

If you’re wondering why linen is so popular, especially in the summer, a few of its important characteristics might hold the answer:

  1. Linen absorbs a lot of moistureand releases it. The perfect fabric for when you sweat!

  2. Linen does not lose its shape, you can wash your linen wear as often as you like.

  3. Linen blocks unpleasant odors, as it’s germ-killing effectinhibits the growth of bacteria.

  4. Linen is breathableand will help you get through warm days feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Linen Tunic selection
Embroidered Linen Tunic

Stylish Crinkle Linen Made for Wrinkles

Linen wrinkles easily. The reason is that the fiber is not elastic, which makes it difficult to iron. If the fabric is folded even slightly, it immediately forms wrinkles. Sometimes other fibers are combined with linen for more stability, creating a blended fabric that is less prone to forming creases.

Sometimes, though, a wrinkled look may be desirable: Crinkle linen is superior-quality linen made from high-twist linen yarn. It is a kind of woven fabric that gets its distinctive look and high-grade sheen from the percentage of polyamide added to it. Its lightweight, comfortable feel makes crinkle linen the perfect quality fabric for summery weather. The crinkle look is particularly practical for taking along on trips, its non-iron quality makes it the perfect travel companion. Pack it, unpack it, wear it—et voilà, you have the perfect look from selection by Ulla Popken!

Linen crinkle dress selection
Crinkle Linen Dress

Can linen clothes be washed in the washing machine?

Linen clothing is sensitive to abrasion. It is therefore recommended to either use the delicate wash cycle in the washing machine (which has a shorter spin cycle), or simply wash it by hand. When washing by hand, it is better to squeeze and compress rather than scrub.

Colored, pure linen should be washed at not more than 140°F. For blended fabrics, the maximum recommended temperature is 100°F.

Using the dryer is not a good idea for linen products. It is better is to have a place where the fabric can be hung to dry.

Linen should always be ironed on the reverse side to avoid shiny patches. You may use high heat, though you should dampen the fabric first if you do.

Linen Dress
Linen Dress

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