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Fashion Glossary
from A to Z

Within the article descriptions you will repeatedly encounter technical terms from the fashion and textile industry. These terms should not raise any unanswered questions for you. For this reason, together with our buyers and designers, we have compiled a detailed fashion lexicon for you. If necessary, you can easily look up fashion terms you are unfamiliar with in this glossary and quickly inform yourself.


A style line which gradually flares out to a wider hemline, causing it to resemble the letter A. Items with a swing shape are also often called a-line. Shop A-Line!

Cutting shapes from textile fabrics and attaching them to another fabric or garment in order to decorate the base material. Check out appliqué designs!

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A short nightgown or dress whose hem, is below the hip and above the knee. Currently baby doll tops and dresses are a fashion trend.

A fitted or shaped at the top of a jacket or blouse, it is sewn as a separate piece into the construction of the garment. See examples in our Shop.

A hand technique for decorating textiles, in which parts of the fabric is covered with wax. The fabric is immersed in a dye bath and only the un-waxed area absorbs the dye. The wax is then removed. This can be repeated as often as the artisan wishes. Prints are sometimes printed to look like a batik print. Shop Batik!

Batik an Ulla Popken Kleidung

Cut diagonally across the grain of a fabric. This is used to create garments that follow the body’s curves. Cutting on the bias also causes garments to drape into soft folds. Pant waistbands are sometimes cut on the bias as well to provide more stretch and ease. Click here for our product example!

A trend that huge in the market right now, it is the feeling of a free-spirited attitude toward fashion; with feminine details, including flounces, ties, ribbons, ruffles and embroidery. Denim, paisley and floral prints are also associated with this trend. Shop our Boho Styles!

A wool fabric that has been processed to make it more dense and compact. See examples here!

Detailaufnahme von Boiled-Wool eines Ulla Popken Kleidungsstücks

Fabric with an alternating solid and sheer design, often in a floral or animal print. This fabric comes usually from China and is done in a silk or polyester blend. This is a fabric our customers love – our Burnout Dot Button Front Tunic Blouse is a perfect example.

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A slim fit top that can be worn alone or as a layering piece. This type of item can range from 100% cotton to 100% silk. It is an essential wardrobe piece. Shop Cami!

Three-quarter length pants designed to hit about two inches below the knee. Capri pants are also great for the petite or tall customer since where they fall on the leg is not required to be in the same place on each person. This also makes them a pant that can go from season to season. From basic stretch Capris to Denim Capri Pants, check out our Designs!

A small, short sleeve that sits on the shoulder about half the distance from the elbow, cap sleeves can range to be much shorter but for our plus size customers we just make this slightly shorter than our normal short sleeve. Shop this style now!

A great item that can be in variety of fabrics and styles – this item can range from being a sweater knit to being woven. It can be collarless or have a collar. It can range in length for our full figured customers we try to have most of our jackets in longer lengths. The essential definition for cardigan jackets, are that they open at the front.

Pants or shorts with a patch pocket, zip pocket or bellows pocket with a flap. Cargo style pants make an excellent accent to any wardrobe and add a touch of fun. See our Cargo Styles here!

A lightweight, plain-weave, sheer fabric made with very fine, tightly twisted yarns. It is very strong, despite its delicate look. Shop Chiffon!

Detailaufnahme von Chiffon

A rolled collar that can be worn open or closed which is sewn directly to the neckline. It can be made with buttons or a zipper. This type of collar can keep you warmer in the fall and cooler in the spring. Our Anchor Print Stand-Up Collar Zip Front Shirt is the perfect example.

Soft, breathable, comfortable. It is a natural fiber that comes directly from the cotton plant. This fabric is something we believe is essential for our plus size customer. We use only 100% cotton in our basic tees, basic bottoms and nightwear collection. All of our cotton pieces are right here, check them out!

Medium weight durable textured fabric made with cotton, cotton blends or cotton/spandex blends. Our PURE Collection is partly made from cotton poplin.

A loose neckline featuring a piece of material attached to a garment at the neck, which is draped loosely from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back. This type of collar works well for plus size women since the cowl neck is kept loose and is not tight around the neck. For example, see this Top!

A fabric characterized by a crinkled, puckered surface or soft mossy finish. It comes in different weights and degrees of sheerness, it is soft to the touch and drapes elegantly for true figure flattery, whether woven from natural fibers or man-made synthetics. Our Crepe Pants are a must have for the summer season.

A wrinkled or puckered effect in a fabric which may be obtained either by the construction or the finishing of the fabric. A crinkled texture increases the surface interest of the clothing, while insuring care is kept to a minimum, as the wrinkles are all a part of the charm. Our Crinkle Elastic Waist Maxi Skirt is a perfect example.

The interlocking of loops from a single thread with a hooked needle, crocheting can be done either by hand or by machine. It has a special quality that seems to hint at intricate handiwork and produces a light and airy effect. We use it for trim on several of our items – check out our Sheer Crochet Lace Trumpet Sleeve Cotton Top or our Crochet Trim V-Neck Cold Dye Slub Yarn Tee.

Pants cut to a length about 2 inches below the knee. A crop pant is a wonderful all year round item. You can wear them with sandals in the summer and boots in the winter. These type of pants work well for petite or tall customers since the pant can fall in a variety of places and still look great. Shop now!

Designs cut out of a fabric and embroidered with a purl stitch. The cutwork detail can be done in a variety of fabrics. Our Embroidered Cutout Button Front Lined Blouse shows how cutwork is done. Use the zoom detail on our website to see the intricate details.


Darts are often put in garments in a variety of places. Some tops have bust darts which come from the armhole and provide shaping for the bust. Some pants have darts in the front or back to help the shape and curve of the garment. Darts sometimes are an essential piece to an excellent fitting garment.

An all-American favorite whether in the form of your favorite jeans, skirts or jackets. When blended with spandex, it becomes stretch denim and the added spandex helps it retain its shape even longer. Denim is a flexible, forgiving fabric the more it is washed the softer it becomes. Our fit like a dream on a variety of plus size shapes and come in lots of different washes. Shop jeans!

The dolman sleeve is designed without a socket for the shoulder, creating a deep, wide armhole it is cut as an extension of the bodice. This design is wonderful for the full figured woman that has a large upper arm. Shop dolman sleeves now!

A style of closure usually used on a jacket in which one edge of a garment overlaps another with a double row of buttons or other type of fasteners. See our designs here.

The hang or fall of fabric when made into a garment. See different drapes here.

A longer length top stopping somewhere above the knee. Plus size women usually look beautiful in duster styles as the long line of a duster is very slenderizing. Our Dusters will match just about any pant or dress you own. Shop now!


The use of needlework to embellish or ornament a fabric. A wide variety of decorative hand or machine stitches in the same color or contrasting colors. Try our embroidered styles now.

The location of the waistline just under the bust line – it can be seen on jackets, blouses, tees, or dresses. It is universally flattering for all figures because it visually adds length to the torso, for an instantly slimming effect. See examples here.

A circular, decorative edged with close zigzag stitching. Or a fabric punched with these decorative holes, typically in an all-over design, and then similarly embroidered. Eyelet is a fabulous lightweight airy summer fabric. Shop our styles!


A French word meaning imitation or fake. Often a surplice neckline is sometimes done as a faux instead of a true surplice this helps the full figured customer not have to worry about the item gaping open or not fitting properly.

A smooth sweater-knit garment that has little or no texture. The finer the gauge, the more densely the fibers are knit and the smoother the finish. Plus size women can stay cool but still look fashionable in this type of lightweight knit. See examples here.

A pant in which the waistband in the front lays flat it does not have any gathers or pleats. A flat front pant provides less bulk than an all-elastic waist. Sometimes Ulla pants are given a partial flat front in which just part of the front waistband is flat. Check out our styles!

Pants cut at, or just above, the ankle. A flood pant is an item that can be worn by women of varying heights. One of our flood pants could be the next item you will come to treasure. Shop now.

This fabric has a smooth front and a looped texture on the back, for a plush feel against your skin. Sometimes French Terry is used with the loop texture on the outside of the garment as part of a design detail. Find our French terry designs here.


A technique that creates fullness by tightening threads in a row of stitching. This is a popular trend for the spring and summer season and always a favorite for our customers. Shop now!

Wide-legged pants or divided skirt reaching mid-calf. This style of pant in a long version is called palazzo. Our palazzo pants are extremely flattering on the plus size women. See examples here.

A thin, often transparent fabric. Click here to find examples made with gauze fabric.

Whether sheer or semi-sheer, this lightweight, plain weave fabric has a fine crepe surface and is characterized by its crisp feel, substantial body and outstanding durability. Check out our designs made with georgette fabric.

A triangular piece of fabric that is inserted into the lower edge of a skirt or sleeve in order to provide additional fullness. Find Godet here.

A decoration usually in plastic or metal found as a detail on various garments. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. UP provides you with a lot of options regarding grommet styles. Shop now!


A sleeveless bodice with a high choke or wrap-neck that is usually backless. Halters can be found for example in swimwear designs or dresses.

A 2-part fastening device consisting of a metal hook that catches over a bar or into a loop.


A type of fabric with a flat appearance, knit on a circular, single-knit machine; its principal distinction is that it is not a fabric with a distinct rib. Find Jersey Styles here!

A jewel neck is a round neck that follows along the base of the neck.


A large single front pocket with side openings allowing both hands to be inserted, meeting in the middle. Shop Kangaroo Pockets!

A tear shaped or round cutout that fastens at the front or back neckline. See Keyhole designs here.

The true definition is a long robe with wide sleeves traditionally worn with a broad sash as an outer garment by the Japanese. Our definition is a loose fitting garment loose flared sleeves. A kimono is an item that flatters the plus size shape. We try to offer at least one kimono version each season. Find them here!


A thin ruffle at neckline, cuff or hem. Check out our designs!

Fabric that is woven from threads made from the flax plant. Linen can be blended with cotton which makes the fabric more resistant to wrinkles. Shop linen now!


A band collar that stands straight at the edge of the neck, about 1 inch high, and opens front and center.

Mandarin Collar bei einem Kleidungsstück von Ulla Popken

A plain-stitched knit that's soft and fluid with a flat finish. Lighter than interlock and perfect for sportswear. Ulla’s matte jersey collection is fabulous for travel. It is virtually wrinkle free. Check out our Matte Jersey Collection now.

A fabric made with metallic fiber, namely a fiber or yarn made of or coated with metal for the sake of embellishment. The glint of gold or silver is woven into the fabric, creating highlights throughout the garment or drawing attention just too special details. Many of our metallic looks glisten with details.

The finest of all man-made fibers. Tightly woven to create an ultra-light, silky fabric with an incredibly smooth and supple hand. Today's microfibers can be polyester, nylon, acrylic or a similar synthetic blend. Shop Microfiber now.

A feature found in a variety of items. A modified and slightly looser fit without the extra fold, or roll, of fabric that characterizes a turtleneck in the classic sense. Find Mockneck examples here.


A neckline having a small triangular cutout in the front center. Shop now!

A two-piece collar that can be only worn open most commonly found on blazer style jackets. They are often found in business styles on career jackets, find examples here.

Any of a number of strong, elastic, synthetic polyamide materials that are fashioned into fabrics. Nylon's best qualities include its ability to retain color and shape and its tendency to resist wrinkles and dry quickly. Find designs with Nylon here.


Shading of a single color from light to dark; or the gradual blending of several colors. Decide which Ulla Popken design you like best here.

Fine, sheer, lightweight, crisp fabric with a stiff feel. This fabric is often dressy and used for special occasion items.

Organza bei einem Kleidungsstück von Ulla Popken


Fabric is rich with swirling prints either woven in or screened. It is often in a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian origin, similar to half of the Yin yang symbol. Paisley type prints are always on the top of our customers to buy list. Shop now!

Detailaufname von Paisly an einem Ulla Popken Kleidungsstück

Woven fabric that combines together pieces of different prints and designs with stitching sometimes quilted. This is often seen in romantic, or country looks. Our patchwork patterns are either perfect monotone patchwork designs or colorful statement pieces.

Heavy, warm hip-length woolen jacket with double-breasted front and a wide notched collar; originally worn by sailors in the color known as navy blue. This style is now done in a variety of exciting colors and styles. Find example here!

Romantic style often characterized with a low neckline, ruffles, lace details, loose sleeves, or free flowing material. Shop peasant tops now!

In sewing, a tuck is a fold or pleat in fabric that is sewn in place. Similar to pleats, but tucks are smaller, generally being an inch or less in width. Check out our pintuck pieces!

An opening that allows room for the garment to be put on. Closures such as buttons, snaps, hooks, zippers, or Velcro® are often incorporated into a placket. Find examples here.

A long or knee-length sheath designed as an extension of the classic, cotton knit polo shirt. Check out our Comfortable yyet sophisticated Polo Dresses here.

The original "miracle" fiber. A synthetic that comes in a wide range of weaves, often blended with other fibers. With polyester added to a garment, wrinkle resistance is built right in, shape and color retention are a given, as is durability. See all polyester products right here.

A straight piece of fabric with an opening in the center for the head. Originally a Latin American garment in colorful woven fabrics that is used as outerwear now used in sweaters, and blouses as well. Check out our ponchos!

Seams that can be found in the front or the back of a garment, that create a figure-flattering, form-fitting shape. Princess seams are always flattering on full figured women as they provide a slenderizing appearance along the waist. Find inspiration for your new favorite item here.


A lustrous, man-made fabric that drapes beautifully, resist wrinkles and is easy to care for. In addition, it takes and holds color exceptionally well. This fabric is often blended with other fibers. This fabric has excellent breathability. Ulla Popken uses this fabric as often as they can in their designs. Shop now!

A strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim at the edge of a garment that creates a rippled effect. See ruffles here!


Safari Style Garments adapted from bush jackets worn by hunters on African safaris; including such features as bellows pockets, belting and epaulettes. Also included in this style are a wide variety of animal and tribal prints. Ulla Popken provides you with a wide product range of safari styles. Shop them now!

Is a fabric with a high luster, smooth front and slightly textured back. It glides over the curves for true figure flattery. It can be woven from fibers as luxurious as silk or as practical as rayon or polyester. Find satin products here.

Light, woven fabric with a puckered effect, usually in a yarn-dyed pattern. Made from cotton, rayon and synthetic fibers in varying weights. The woven crinkle is produced by alternating slack and tight yarns in the warp. Check out our Seersucker styles!

A one-piece collar that is turned down to form a continuous line around the back of the neck to the front of a garment. Many of our trendy blazers have a shawl collar, check them out now!

A straight narrow dress fitted to the body with vertical darts or a set-in waist. Our designs are very flattering to any body type, find them here!

A bra that is built into a garment and offers very light support. It has a smooth, seamless appearance. Check out Ulla Popkens Shelf Bras now.

A gathering of material. Find examples here.

A dress cut similar to a man’s shirt with buttons down the front. A huge trend for the 2021 season – shirtdresses can be seen in fabrics from poplin to satin. Our shirt dresses can be dressed up or down.

A fine, strong, continuous filament produced by the silkworm when constructing its cocoon. Silk is noted for both its strength and resiliency, along with its elegant appeal.

Shorts that have a front and sometimes a back covering to resemble a skirt.

Kleidungsstück Skort von Ulla PopkenKleidungsstück Skort1 von Ulla Popken

An embroidered thread sewn on top gathered folds of fabric. Most frequently smocking is used on the bodice to enhance the fit by visually whittling the waist. Many of our designs are smocked loosely to flow over curves. Find them here!

A man-made fiber that adds stretch. Always blended with other fibers, as a little goes a long way, spandex improves fit and flexibility, while enhancing durability and comfort. Click here for all of our Spandex products!

A round neckline that looks like it has been cut in the center to form a small "V". Shop Split Neck now!

An open-yoke neckline shaped in the form of a square. Check out our Square Neck Styles!

Pant legs that are cut an equal width from the waist to ankles. Our Straight Leg Styles range from Business Chic to Casual. Find your new favorite piece now!


A descriptive term for a shape or cut that becomes progressively narrower or thinner at one end. Tapered pants, for example, draw the eye away from the waistline and down to the narrower part of the leg and the ankle, for a slimming effect. Find them here.

An absorbent fabric with loops forming the plush pile; also called terry cloth. Especially our terry bathrobes are super comfy- shop now!

Machine stitching showing on the right side of a garment for decorative effect. Have fun checking our newest topstitch pieces.

A tank-style top that leads to a fuller sweep of fabric below. Whether in the form of a tunic top or a dress, this simple shape balances most women's proportions beautifully. Find our perfect examples here.

A simple slip-on top that usually falls below the hips or longer. Most tunics are at least 32 inches in length. One of our tunics could be your next must have summer item.

A coarse wool or synthetic fabric used chiefly for casual suits and coats. Our tweed jackets are perfects examples for the sophisticated look you can create!

Durable and tightly woven on the diagonal, the twill weave is most often seen in khakis, chinos and denim. Twill is typically made of cotton, but with the addition of spandex, it becomes stretch twill, a fabric that gently hugs the curves while maintaining its shape through many washes. The variety of Ulla Popken twill products is amazing, find them here.

A cardigan sweater over a matching sleeveless or short-sleeve sweater. Shop Twinsets now!

The quality of woven or knit garments made with spandex that enables them to stretch vertically and horizontally. You can find our two-way stretch products right here.


A silky densely piled fabric with a plain back. This fabric is cut and brushed to form a soft, luxurious pile. A silk velvet blend is soft and supple. Check out our velvet pieces.

Sheer or semi-sheer spun cloth that is lightweight and soft, though with a crisp hand. It is typically made from cotton, rayon or acetate. A natural fabric used for many summer styles. Find ours here.

One popular type of rayon. In addition to a supple feel and luster characteristic of rayon fabrics in general, viscose is soft yet strong, resists wrinkles and drapes well. Many of our tunics and blouse are made in 100% viscose rayon. This fabric is lightweight, airy and drapes beautifully. You will love the styles you can discover at Ulla Popken!


A textured knit. Knit tops made using the waffle weave are a favorite for layering because they add textural interest and warmth without bulk. Shop now!

A pocket that has a folded strip of material sewn into the front portion of the pocket. The welt extends upward from the seam. See examples here.

A flattering fit for pants or jeans. Cut extra full all through the leg, with a wider leg opening, so they're comfortable not confining. Our denim wide leg pants are perfect for adding balance to your proportions.

A bodice created by the cross-wrapping of fabric; may be in front or back, and associated with a high or low neckline. An item that has a wrap design can close in a variety of ways from a small ribbon on the inside to a small button. This type of item allows you to adjust the garment to your body shape. Check out the newest wrap styles!

That property of a fabric that enables it to resist the formation of wrinkles through their weave or their chemical make-up. Certainly a desirable attribute, as it means easier care and a more polished look with no fuss.


Yarn that has been dyed prior to the weaving or knitting of the garment. Yarn-dyed garments hold their color after repeated cleaning. See examples here.

The fitted top of a garment across the shoulders in front or back, usually a separate piece seamed across the front and back; sometimes lined. Shop our Yoke Styles!