Discover Ulla Popken’s plus size tights for women for beautiful legs

Buying plus size tights for women often creates problems for curvy ladies. Many of them constrict, give no support or are simply unsightly. 
But this does not have to be, because at Ulla Popken, plus size tights for women are available not only in good quality
With our stockings, everything fits without pinching and above else, they also create beautiful legs. Find the perfect plus size stockings that put your curves in the right perspective at Ulla Popken now.

From delicate and elegant to warm and comfortable: Our tights for plus size ladies

Be it summer or winter – plus size stockings can be worn in different variations throughout the year. They differ in material, pattern, and color. Here you’ll find a short overview of the many kinds of women’s plus size pantyhose you’ll find at Ulla Popken:

•    Thin tights: They are characterized by a very good fit and comfort. These properties are due to the fact that they are made from synthetic fibers and elastane. Thin tights are available in transparent, opaque form or fishnet pattern. Flesh-colored and black tights are among the most popular. 
•    Knit tights: As the name suggests, these plus size tights for women are made from thicker yarns such as cotton or wool. The elastane makes the tights even more stretchy, soft, and comfortable. Thanks to their material, knit plus size tights are opaque and can warm up your legs in the fall and winter when temperatures are cooler. These tights are available patterned or without one, with a ribbed structure or in smooth knit.
•    Stay-ups: Unlike traditional tights, stay-ups are a practical and attractive alternative for special occasions. These kinds of tights are designed without a waistband and cover only the legs and reach down to mid-thigh. To prevent them from slipping, they usually have silicone strips on the inside.
•    Footless tights: Rather than traditional stockings, plus size footless tights end at the ankle. They are usually available in the same materials as normal plus size tights for women. These kinds are often worn with shoes such as peep toes.

Our tights and stockings complete any outfit

You can wear our plus size tights for women and make them a real highlight of your next outfit. Stockings are variable and fun – use them to accentuate a certain look or as a kind of eye-catcher. We’ve put together a few ideas for you:

•    Black tights: They are real all-rounders; they go with almost everything. The kinds that are made of thicker material you can also wear in winter with a skirt. Thinner models are sufficient in spring or fall, with a plus size dress for women  a blazer and sneakers, for example.
•    Patterned tights: These tights exist in countless patterns: dotted, striped, with checks, with glitter, with lace. However, it is important that the rest of your outfit should be kept rather simple when you wear patterned tights. Otherwise, the look will quickly look overloaded. Therefore, plain plus size shorts for women and tops are best to complete the outfit.
•    Colored tights: These stockings can also become real eye-catchers of a look. However, the same rule also applies here: Keep the rest of the outfit a little restrained and choose neutral tones such as white, gray or black.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size tights for women

How do I prevent my plus size tights for women from ripping?

Mesh is unsightly on all tights and is especially annoying when you wear them for a festive occasion. A little tip to prevent this flaw: clear nail polish or hairspray are the best ways to stop them.

What characterizes quality tights?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a pair of tights for plus size ladies. High quality ones are distinguished by the following features: 

•    They have an excellent fit.
•    They have flat seams that make them more comfortable to wear
•    They are reinforced at the hips and toes, so that these areas are more resistant.

How often do I wash my tights?

How often you wash your tights always depends on how often you wear them. We recommend washing them every 5 to 6 wears or after a hot day when you’ve sweated. Washing them will remove the build-up of body oils and dead skin cells. You may handwash them or put the stockings in the washing machine. Select the delicate cycle and cold-water temperature. Tip: it is always best to put your plus size tights in a mesh to prevent them from tangling or ripping.

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