Plus size quilted jackets will keep you warm throughout the year

If you are looking for a stylish type of jacket that you can wear from chilly spring up until deep winter then plus size quilted jacket for women are the perfect choice for you. These light jackets nonetheless provide you with warmth thanks to their quilt, adding high degrees of comfort to the mix thanks to their soft fabric.

At Ulla Popken you can find a broad variety of plus size quilted jackets for ladies in different sizes, lengths, colors, to ensure that you find the jacket that suits your tastes just right!

What makes plus size quilted jackets so great?

In comparison to other plus size jackets for women, plus size quilted jackets are lighter without sacrificing desirable traits such as warmth and protection from wind and weather. The secret of these plus size lightweight quilted jackets lies in their thermal insulation. While in the past the primarily used insulation material was down, nowadays polyamide and polyester get the job done just as well – women’s plus size quilted jackets are water-repellant while effectively storing warmth.

•    During spring or fall, a puffer vest in plus size provides a stylish alternative. As they are sleeveless, they provide more free movement and are great if you want to create a layered outfit.
•    For maximum warmth even during colder months it’s best to opt for a plus size quilted coat. Their increased length helps to cover a larger portion of your body thus storing more warmth.
•    For a women’s plus size quilted jacket that can be worn over multiple seasons, you might try a convertible jacket. Using zippers, you can detach their hood and sleeves, making them a flexible choice that you can wear differently depending on the weather.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size quilted jackets

How do I wash a plus size quilted jacket or vest?

When it comes to washing your clothes, you should always check the care label for special instructions. If it doesn’t list any warnings, you start by zipping up everything and taking off the hood, if it is a plus size quilted jacket with a detachable hood. Flip the jacket inside out and wash it with regular detergent using cold water on a gentle washing cycle. To protect the jacket from damage, you can put it into a mesh washing bag.

How do I wear women’s plus size puffer vests and jackets?

One of the reasons for the quilted jacket’s popularity is its high versatility. Generally speaking, it looks great on any outfit, making it a great addition to round off any look

•    A short, quilted jacket looks sporty and makes for a great choice if you want to play with contrasts. Match light colors of plus size quilted jackets in pink or yellow with dark plus size jeans for women or spice up your favorite summer dress in soft hues with a dark blue or camouflage green quilted jacket.
•    For the office, you can don a navy blue quilted plus size vest or jacket over your blouse and midi skirt to keep the professional aura.
•    For the next formal occasion or a romantic date, a longer quilted jacket harmonizes perfectly with your favorite elegant plus size dress for women. You don’t have to feel cold even if you are out and about past midnight.

Why should curvy women wear plus size quilted jackets?

When looking at quilted jackets for the first time, one might assume that their puffy stitching optically widens your figure, making it a bad choice for curvy women. However, the plus size quilted jackets at Ulla Popken are figure-hugging without limiting your movement. The stitching is usually diamond shaped, evoking an elegant air – the smaller the stitching, the more does it flatter your silhouette!

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