Feel good in your own skin!

Your outfit is only complete if you are wearing the right panty. Our panties are popular not only for their comfortable fit but also for their beautiful design! Explore our large variety and find your favorite fit.


Our favorite! This popular fit is known for being the ultimate in comfort. Panties come in many different designs and qualities. Whether you prefer cotton or microfiber, every wardrobe needs this panty!

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High-waisted panty/brief

Description: The high-waisted panty/brief is cut high, reaching to just above the belly button. The high-waisted panty/brief generously covers the hips and is very similar to your classic panty style. The bottom is shaped like the normal panty style.

Tip: The higher waistband of the high-waisted panty/brief effectively hides a little tummy and makes it very comfortable to wear.

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Shaping panty

Description: The shaping panty is known for its firm, body-shaping fabric. They are usually a high-waist fit.

Tip: The shaping panty is great for a smooth fit under dresses, pants or skirts to hide your little pooch.

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Classic panty

Description: This popular fit is known for being the ultimate in comfort. The classic panty features a low waist and low-cut legs and comes in many different designs and qualities.

Tip: No wardrobe should be without a few pairs of classic panties – they are perfect for any body shape.

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Office panty

Description: The legs are cut high to avoid them cutting into the skin while sitting for longer periods. Adorned with sewn-in lace, the panty is not only comfortable but also really pretty.

Tip: Because of its high cut, the panty is ideal for long periods of sitting - in the office, for example!


Show off your curves! Thongs are designed to be not only seductive but also extremely comfortable. Explore our wide variety of designs here.

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Description: Our thong has a great fit and the waistband is particularly high to avoid uncomfortable cutting into the skin. The has a narrow cut on the rear and does not cover the bottom.

Tip: Because it is almost seamless, the thong is barely visible under clothing.

Boyfriend panties

Comfortable, fashionable and sexy! Our boyfriend panty is shaped to be tight-fitting and showcases your body to the max.

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Boyfriend panty

Description: Tight-fitting and high-waisted, our boyfriend panty covers a part of the legs. Your bottom is completely covered by the straight but short leg ends and wide side sections.

Tip: Whether classic in black or seductive with lace, our boyfriend panty is the right fit for any situation – and very flattering for your hips.

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Description: The hipster is cut to be body-hugging, the hip-height cut making it really trendy. It has a straight, slightly shorter leg opening than boyfriend panty.

Tip: The hipster is ideal when wearing with low-rise pants.

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Maxi-boyfriend panty

Description: Super-comfy, super-soft, particularly stretchy and almost invisible. Longer leg reduces sweating and chafing on sensitive areas of the skin.

Tip: Get your clothes out of the closet! Wear these under skirts and dresses – and not just on hot days.

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Which panty for which bottom shape?

Choosing the perfect panty is not always the easiest thing.

If it cuts into your skin, you will quickly feel very uncomfortable. Or you find that your panty emphasizes the wrong area of your body. Scroll down to read which models we recommend for your type of figure, so that you can be sure your bottom gets the right kind of attention! In the end, though, there is only one thing that really counts – that you feel comfortable!

Heart-shaped bottom

Description: This shape has a relatively narrow waist with the hips forming the widest area. The lower part of the bottom is less pronounced. This kind of bottom is also often described as V-shaped.

Tip: Panties, boyfriend panties or hipsters that sit low on the hips are particularly suitable for the heart-shaped bottom. They cover and shape the bottom better, making it look sexier. Panties with high legs are less flattering, because they are more likely to emphasize the lack of volume in the lower area of the bottom. Shapewear panties are also very good for making this area appear slimmer.

Square shape

Description: This type of bottom has a fairly straight line between the hip bone and the outer thigh. The bottom is relatively flat.

Tip: Your best option is a thong or panty with high legs (office panty, high-waisted panty, etc.) that are not constrictive. But a boyfriend panty and a panty with a longer leg will also suit this shape. Avoid wavy cuts with wide legs.

Pear-shaped bottom (upside-down heart)

Description: With this shape of bottom, the widest area is below the hips. As the name suggests, it resembles an upside-down heart or a pear. It is often also referred to as an A-shape.

Tip: Your best choice is a panty with high or slanted legs, e.g. an office panty, a high-waisted panty or thong. They flatter your figure and do not cut in, as can happen with forms featuring narrower leg openings.

Round bottom

Description: This type of bottom is similar to the classic apple shape. Although beautifully round and sexy, this bottom also needs the right packaging.

Tip: Be careful not to buy a panty or a boyfriend panty that is too small or too tight. If there isn’t sufficient fabric, the crotch can warp as you move and cause your undergarment to shift uncomfortably. Classic panties, boyfriend panty and shaping panty with ample fabric fits this bottom best. A thong puts strong emphasis on the volume of the bottom.